Time Management for HGV Drivers

Time management is one of the biggest challenges most people face. Everyone works differently, and everyone has a different method of getting the most out of every day, but what everyone does have in common is the fact that they wish they could get more out of every day.

One of the advantages of technological advancements is that they make it possible for us to do more every day. For HGV drivers, one of the most useful inventions is the Global Positioning System. The GPS device fits onto the truck and then records where it goes, where it is, and when it needs to get maintenance work done. There are several advantages of having this as far as productivity goes.

Firstly, you can pre-plan your routes. You will always know where you are and there will be no lost time because of asking for directions or getting lost. This will save innumerable hours every day, making it possible for you to do more every day.

The second advantage is that you can kill two birds with one stone by picking up new orders that are in the area of your delivery. You won’t have to make two trips this way, and thus save time and money. Thirdly, you will always know when your truck is due for maintenance, making it possible for you to save money as well as plan your assignments out in advance.

There are also some other basic things you need to keep in mind as an HGV driver. There are twenty four hours in every day, which is a limitation you will need to understand. You cannot work more than this limit, obviously. Another important thing to remember is that you can’t work twenty four hours every day. You will need about eight hours of sleep, and another four to five hours for eating, relaxing and general activities. That leaves you with about eleven to twelve hours every day for work.

When you are deciding how to spend the rest of these twelve hours, you need to remember one thing. Fitting big things into your schedule first allows you to fit in the smaller things in the gaps. For example, if you have a big assignment that will take you a few days to deliver on, then you need to plan that in first or the smaller things you will schedule for every day will never allow it to happen.

Another great way to manage your time effectively is to give yourself vacations. While that may sound counterproductive, think of these vacations as rewards to meeting goals. Since you will know that you will get a reward for hitting a goal, like delivering on eight big jobs, you will motivate yourself to do more every day.

There are plenty of time management tips that you can use, but the simplest thing to know is that if you plan your days in advance, and are aware of why you are putting in the work, you can motivate yourself to do more every day.

J. Mikula is a business writer and consultant.

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