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Regular R4 DS and R4 DSi flash cards did not work on the Nintendo 3DS so the models had to be modified apparently for working with 3DS roms. The Nintendo 3DS R4 Card modifies or copies many popular brands. This has gain popularity that it is called by the names like DS games, R4 roms or R4 games. When the performance of 3DS R4 Card is concerned, it has many better different features. This in fact becomes the deal breaker or deal maker.

The 3DS R4 card also called as NDSL R4 will support SDHC. There are also upgrades available like R4 lll, Upgrade or R4- lll New or R4 SDHC Upgrade. The R4 DS ROMS was the first and best known SLOT -1 DS ROM Flash Card Before using this, the user may need to use GBA Flash cards and Pass Me card In order to play NDS ROMs the user needs to install Custom Firmware on DS . The advantage of R4DS is that it by passes the copy protection while you play NDS game backups.

The R4 3DS also enable to play NDS games and this will be the first step for hacking Nintendo 3DS This hacking is a good news for the players and it is also possible to download the games in future R4 is the first and most useful card on NDS.This is the first flash card to support games download This card is depended upon for its useful functions

This Nintendo 3DS R4 Card is of high quality and it is perfectly compatible with the games. This flash card is most popular and successful flash card This R4 DS flash card will work in very few like Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS lite hand held .similar to other flash cards it is possible to download games and play using Nitendo 3DS It will also enable to watch movies, listen to music, read books, browse photos It enables to achieve many other functions on Nintendo 3DS and it turns to be the multi function tool The R4 for 3DS is the best choice to the players who has the Nintendo 3DS R4 Card and this is another revolution of R4 3DS

Acekard team and team Cyclops are well known flash card makers . Among such tough competitors , R4 3DS is leading company in sales as many players prefer this because of its varying and comfortable features. This card has features like action replay , brightness adjustment , slow motion videos , reset options and drag and drop function that makes it most compatible and easy to use.

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