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?The Rock

Silverado is Chevrolet’s rock solid, full-sized power pickup. Together with its counterpart known as General Motors’ Sierra, the two are the closest rivals of the famous Ford’s F-series. General Motors projected this model as its longest-lasting truck ever made to hit the road. In its commercial, the background music chosen is “”Like a Rock”” by Bob Seger, and the lyrics described Silverado this way:

“”And I stood arrow straight

Unencumbered by the weight

Of all these hustlers and their schemes

I stood proud, I stood tall

High above it all

I still believed in my dreams …

Like a rock. standin’ arrow straight

Like a rock, chargin’ from the gate

Like a rock, carryin’ the weight

Like a rock…””

The 2008 Silverado comes in 1500, 2500 HD and 3500 HD stocks. Vortec V6 or V8 engines, depending on the variant model, power the Silverado. Two wheel-drive models are priced starting $18,000 and four-wheel stocks begin at $21,290.

The 3500HD is running on an extremely powerful ‘Duramax Diesel 6.6L V8 Turbo engine’ attached to an ‘Allison 1000 Series six-speed automatic transmission.’ The price of this power stashed off-road 4×4-truck starts at $28,740.

Extended cab and passenger cab variants are available. Silverado’s unique rear cab fully opens at 170-degrees, making it one of the most user-friendly rear passenger cabs among pickups in the market today. There is a plenty of room for your cargo and crew.

Traveling alone in the less traveled county dirt roads, even at night, would not be a hassle with the following added features:

o AM/FM stereo with MP3-compatible CD player and auxiliary MP3 input jack

o Power windows, locks and mirrors

o Remote Keyless Entry with Remote Vehicle Starter Prep Package

o Auto-dimming inside rearview mirror with eight-point compass and outside temperature display

o Black, foldaway, power, heated outside rearview mirrors

o Spare tire lock

There are 310,896 units sold in the first half of 2007 alone. This number of proud owners must be looking for a way to let everyone know they have invested in a car that will surpass their generation. Chevy Silverado keychains must be a perfect gift for this fellows. There are round Chrome, metal teardrop, valet, leather gold, leather silver, oval metal and miniature steering wheel designs to choose from.

This keychain has a round Chrome, leather gold/silver and oval metal design. The plates are topped with a shiny black-dome crystallite bearing the Chevy logo and the text “”Silverado.”” The miniature steering wheel, valet and teardrop designs are full stainless metal keychains engraved with the Chevy logo and the text “”Silverado.””.

Silverado is made to last, so your original key must be kept as secured as you can. If you do not like flipping metal keychains in your fingers, the leather variants are just perfect for you. Make everyone know you belong to the great movement spearheading the American Revolution not only in the racetracks of NASCAR and city streets but also in the dirt roads deep inside the County.

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