The Most Efficient HHO Plans

?The Most Efficient HHO Plans

HHO (hybrid hydrogen oxygen) fuel cells use water to boost horsepower and miles per gallon. There are tons of plans available, but which ones are the best?

Some of these plans are just rehashed information and lack any kind of customer support, not to mention they leave out important details. The best designs pull the least amount of power are inexpensive to make and give you the most miles per gallon. So how do you find them?

Look For Plans That Show A Completed Fuel Cell

A picture of a fuel cell is worthless without the details that go into constructing it. A good plan will show you what a finished fuel cell will look like. If they are hiding something from the start, I can guarantee that their fuel cell plans are incomplete at best, or just rehashed information. Look for pictures of what your finished fuel cell will look like. This will also be an indication that the plans use detailed pictures, you want good illustrations. Black and white plans have their place, but when your wiring your off switch to your ignition, you might want to know which color which wire is… Make sure the plans show you sneak peeks of the information inside, and see if that information is well illustrated. The plans should be putting their best foot forward in the sneak peek illustrations, so this should be an indication of quality.

The Most Efficient HHO Plans Come With Support

Every engine is different and each cell will need to be tweaked to get optimum performance. If your plans don’t come with support you’ll be tinkering for years. The best plans are well illustrated and come with tech support. Support can make a huge difference in your savings. Look for plans that are servicing thousands of people and lets them contribute. This will help you find an exact setup for your particular vehicle whether its a scooter, motorcycle, car, truck, big rig, gasoline or diesel you’ll find a been there done that. If you don’t find an exact match, you might need a good pioneer hat. The journey of a pioneer will be much easier with support.


If the HHO plans are as efficient as they claim to be, you bet people are going to be raving about them and showing their savings. Look for lots of testimonials from different types of vehicles in different climates. Anyone with decent plans is going to have tons of testimonials. A lack of good testimonials would be a good indication of rehashed incomplete information. This technology works, and anyone who’s correctly using it is going to be gloating about it. If the maker of the plans is lacking testimonials then that’s an indication that the plans may not be the most efficient HHO plans. A good set of plans will show you how to boost octane increase miles per gallon, horsepower and clean out your engines carbon, not to mention reduce harmful emissions… Doing all of that for the cost of water is something to brag about.

If you want the most efficient HHO plans then look for a picture of a completed cell, and see if tech support is offered along with a good set of testimonials. This will get you off to a great start in utilizing your fuel more efficiently.

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