The Ford F-150

The Ford F Series is a series of pickup trucks sold by the Ford Motor Company for more than 50 years. The most popular model in the line of F series trucks is the Ford F-150. In the United States, the vehicle was the champion of sales for almost 23 years. The F-150 has been accepted as the best selling truck in overall sales for almost 40 years. The Ford Motor Company has relied on this particular truck to carry their company ever since the line’s inception in 1948. The F-150 used to be the only truck in the ford truck line. In recent years however, Ford has extended the line in order to accommodate heavy-duty vehicles.

In early 2008, Ford Motor Company announced and unveiled the 2009 F-150 design during the North American International Auto Show. They began producing the model during October 2008. This new generation features an updated grille, new choices of cab styles and trim levels, and an updated and improved interior. The chassis is made of a new form of steel in order to ensure more efficient fuel economy, as well as safety. Ford has introduced three different engines for the 2009 model year. These engines range from more fuel-efficient models, to models that are more suited for towing and hauling. Ford has introduced a new transmission, which is mated to the V8 engines available in 2009, while the V6 engine’s transmission has been used in previous generations. Ford is also working on a number of new engines to be used in the series in future incarnations. These engines include a new 4.4 L diesel V8 with 330 hp and an Ecoboost 3.5L V6 that uses a turbocharger to compete with Ford’s line of V8 models. Currently no plans are available to produce a diesel model of the F-150. Ford has also opted to replace their Lincoln “Mark” models with a “Platinum Edition” model with Ford branding. In 2010, Ford will remove their flare-side models, and will only offer style-side models.

In terms of safety features, the new model of the F-150 has received a long list of improvements. These improvements include side curtain airbags, improved suspension, and electronic stability control. The model has received a score of “good”, per the IIHS’ safety standards. It received five stars in four safety categories. Therefore, it is generally regarded highly in terms of safety in terms for full-size trucks. These safety improvements have helped Ford keep the line afloat even though tough economic times have threatened sales.

The Ford F-150 has been an American staple for many decades. Ford’s constant improvements to the model have led to a truck that is useful and appealing. Anyone seeking a vehicle that has high utility, great exterior looks, and a comfortable interior should look no farther than the Ford F-150. The model will continue to be a symbol of ingenuity and design for many decades to come. The Ford F-150 is a great decision for first time truck buyers due to the reasons laid out in this article. This truck will continue to make its mark on history.

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