The Advantages of Diesel Powered Engines

?The Advantages of Diesel Powered Engines

Diesel trucks are commonplace in the workforce. From semi tractor trailers to dump trucks and flatbed trucks, the diesel engine is the preferred workhorse of transport, heavy hauling, and construction crews. Diesel engines have the highest thermal efficiency of any combustion engine, giving them a higher power output than gasoline ones because of the compression ratio. Originally used to replace the steam motors, their efficiency continues to be the choice for large scale power plants that reply on efficient power output. These types of motors can be found in ships, locomotives, and large trucks.

Due to the higher energy density of the fuel, they burn less fuel than gasoline combustion engines and because they do not rely on an electrical system, like a spark plug to ignite the fuel, they are more reliable in damp conditions. Because diesel fuel is heavier than gasoline, its properties actually lubricate motor parts, which means they can run twice as long as their gasoline powered counterparts. Diesel engines generate less waste heat in cooling and exhaust and run more efficiently than gasoline ones when using partial power output. With all of the advantages over gasoline and turbine driven engines, it is no wonder that these motors are the choice of hard working blue collar Americans.

Replacing parts and servicing diesel power plants is also relatively easy compared to gasoline types. Used diesel truck parts are just as reliable as original parts for diesel engines and can be easily interchanged from trucks that have been decommissioned, making servicing diesel truck engines a relatively easy task compared to servicing and replacing gasoline motor parts.

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