Sizes and Flavors of Van Hire

?Sizes and Flavors of Van Hire

It is always exciting to leave one place and move to the new one. But packing all the things and shifting them from one place to the other in a single stride is a tough task. At such times van hire is all that you need. Van rental is also very useful if you are planning a road trip or a long family vacation with a large group of people, in addition to the entire required luggage. It makes toting luggage, kids and all their accessories easy and comfortable. Today’s models are extremely comfortable and easy to drive, too. Travelers can save significant money by carpooling with a large group in a standard 8, 12 or 15 passenger van. These come in many sizes and flavors that include:

Petrol or Diesel van: These are Toyota Hiace model vans that have cheapest van rental. Usually the interior Length is 2800, width is 1500 and height is 1400.You can have them for minimum of two hours to any longer duration as per your needs. Most of the time you can have unlimited km rates if you are traveling large distances or 100 kilometers free from any mileage charges included in rental cost. One need to get them refilled offsite or onsite with bio blend diesel. Most companies offer prices with insurance of zero excess, excluding the damages.

Premium or Luxury van: These are with 2 in the front and a bench 3 seater in the rear Toyota Hiace model vans. Most of the vehicles under this category are automatic with unlimited mileage. All vehicles in this category have air conditioning, electric windows, ABS, airbag(s).Most companies ask you to do a bit for the environment by renting this as one of Bio blend Diesel vans or just petrol vans.

There are certain advantages of hiring a van that cannot be overlooked:

1. They are extremely cost effective. The charges for above van hire are on hourly bases.

2. They are always suitable for people who are looking for family relocation, family outing and college moves. And also a great call for those who want to move things within a city as well.

3. They offer a huge space; these vans are especially designed with a technique that helps you protect your priceless possessions from getting damaged due to the travel.

Van hire for a vacation trip saves wear-and-tear on a traveler’s own car. It may reduce fuel costs, and makes a trip more comfortable.

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