Run Your Car on Water – A Home Made System to Run Your Car on Water

?Run Your Car on Water – A Home Made System to Run Your Car on Water

Have you heard of buzz about being able to run your car on water? Have you wondered if it was a reality or just hype? The truth is, you really can convert water into fuel that you can use to run your car or truck and it is a simple system that you can build at home and install yourself.

Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Together they are highly combustible. But the way the Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules are connected in water makes them just the opposite of combustible and the entire world recognizes that water is the most used substance for putting OUT fires.

It’s an amazing substance, don’t you think? Our bodies can’t live without it yet it can be turned into a very combustible fuel with simple electrolysis and can then be used as fuel for your car or truck in both gasoline and diesel engines.

It would be nice if you could run your car on water alone, but you can’t. At least not yet. You still need fuel, gasoline or diesel in the tank, but the fuel made out of water can be mixed with the gas or diesel and can increase your gas mileage by up to 50% or more. In fact, Cory R. from New Jersey has a 2007 Honda that went from 33 MPG to over 85MPG on the highway! That’s better than a Hybrid and a lot cheaper too. My wife’s 2007 Prius that cost just over $30,000 averaged about 45 mpg and we thought that was great.

You can pick up all the supplies you need to build your own hydrogen generator at your local hardware store and put it together in no time with a few simple tools.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to cut your fuel costs in half or more by building your own simple system that would enable you to run your car on water?

Fuel costs were killing me at today’s high prices until I built my own hydrogen generator over the course of a weekend and put it in my 2001 Chevy Express 2500 which is a 3/4 ton Van with a 5.7 Liter engine. After putting in the generator my mileage increased by 40% and I now save over $200 per month on gas.

With a few simple instructions and videos that you can purchase for a mere $67, anyone can build a home made system that will enable them run their car on water. And not only will it save you a ton of money in fuel, but it also steam cleans your engine as it runs and helps to clean the air at the same time. If everyone would build this system to install in their vehicle it would have a huge impact on the environment and the ozone layer.

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