Rubber Truck Bed Mats Beat Spray On Bed Liners And Plastic Liners Too

Rubber truck bed mats often show up riding right on expensive permanent bed liners.  Seems odd that a cheap mat would be found over a top-of-the-line bed coating?  Here’s why that’s the case…

1.  Costs nearly nothing.

Bottom line is these are cheap.  So cheap that they are used as sacrifice coatings to protect more expensive liners.  A quality rubber mat costs about one-tenth what it costs for a spray on bed liner.  It’s not just the low cost though.  There’s more…

2.  No scratched bed or liner either.

Rubber mats are almost impossible to damage even if they are cheap.  Now most liners protect the truck bed itself from scratches.  Problem is, the liner often takes a hit.  Spray on coatings are guaranteed, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get scratched.  It just means they will be repaired.  That means trips back to the dealer for repaints.  Avoid all that with a simple mat…

3.  No moving.

Maybe you need a slippery truck bed.  That’s often what you get with plastic liners.  Want to put a stop to moving cargo?  Can’t beat rubber for non-skid.

4.  Just buy one.

That’s all you’ll probably need is just one mat.  That’s because most people can’t wear one out no matter how it’s used.  Funny thing is, wear it out and just throw it away, or recycle it into door mats, and slip another cheap one in.

5.  Absorbing hits.

Dents are worse than scratches.  A scratch is quick to fix with touch-up paint.  Dents re often forever.  It’s far better to prevent than to repair.  Nothing beats thick rubber mats for absorbing shock and preventing dents to bed.  It’s cheap protection from dents.

Rubber truck bed mats are cheap.  But, they do several things as well or better than any other liner material.  That’s one reason they often show up on top of much more expensive bed liner options.




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