Reducing Accidents with Boom Truck Aerial Devices

Accidents happen each year as employees utilize aerial devices to receive additional help in reaching high areas.  Electric, telephone, and tree service companies usually use a boom aerial device, commonly known as boom trucks or bucket trucks, to help install and maintain telephone pole lines and electric lines.  If these boom trucks are not correctly created or are used wrong, these can cause serious injury to employees.

ANSI A92.2 protects the creation of these boom aerial devices.  ANSI A92.2 covers Rotating and Elevating Aerial Devices.  The manual and self propelled devices are covered under ANSI A92.6 and A92.3.

There are two main kinds of accidents that happen when the use of a boom truck is put into the mix.  The first is called an overturn and the second is a boom failure.

An outrigger is usually utilized in the creation of a boom truck to help up the stability.  The outcome of an overturn accident is usually gotten to by the surface being sloped, the outriggers being improperly used, the boom truck being overloaded, or that the creation of the bucket truck has turned out to be defective.  The evaluation of the accident involving the circumstances and how the overturn happened and if the manufacturer’s regulations were followed should be done to help determine how the overturn happened in the first place and how to better prevent it from happening in the future.

Bucket trucks, boom trucks, crane trucks, derrick digger trucks, and other large utility trucks can be created to utilize a hydraulic system or an electrical system to lift and lower the boom.  The ANSI A92.2 requirement is that the hydraulic or electrical system used must have a safety feature that would stop all movement of the bucket if a power loss or a hydraulic line failure would happen.  Normally if a hydraulic line failure happens it is due to a defectively created safety feature or an improper maintaining of the electric or hydraulic system.

The number of accidents that can occur with the use of an aerial device can be greatly reduced by making sure that the boom truck you are using has been designed properly and that all regulations are followed when operating the truck.  At I80 Equipment, they go the extra mile to make sure that their remanufactured boom trucks, bucket trucks, and digger derrick trucks are created with safety being a top priority.  They will work with you to make sure that you have the proper knowledge to train your workers in the proper usage of the vehicles so that there is a reduction in these accidents.

I80 Equipment will walk you through every step of the safety protocols when purchasing a boom truck.  To see more on their safety guidelines and the inventory they carry, visit

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