Red Truck Diesel Fly Reels – Red Truck Fly Fishing Company Music by Kevin MacLeod. When we set out to design the Diesel Series of fly reels, our main goal was to make reels that we ourselves would enjoy fishing. We jogged our memories for ideas from our favorite reels from the past and pored over our huge selection of modern designs, picking and choosing the features and styles that, to us, embody the perfect freshwater fly reel. The criteria were fairly simple: the reel had to be functional, durable, and beautiful. It had to look and sound like a fly reel. It had to have the appeal to stand the test of time. In short, it had to deserve to exist. Fully machined from anodized aluminum, the Diesel is corrosion-, scratch-, and impact-resistant. The proven click-pawl drag system is dependable, simple, and easily convertible from right to left-hand wind. Should you need to apply more pressure on fired-up trout and steelhead, the exposed palming rim is there for you. With sweet incoming and out-going clicks, Diesel reels will satisfy anglers yearning for the simple elegance of yesteryear. And by narrowing the spool to increase its diameter, we engineered large arbor performance into the Diesel, with the superior backing capacity of a standard arbor reel. We’ve also included a couple of nice finishing touches, like a machined brass line guard and a leather and cotton-weave zippered reel pouch to keep your reel safe for decades. We won’t go so far as to say that the Diesel reel will catch you more fish. But

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  1. Bindlz February 1, 2011 at 1:42 am #

    Could you guys make a premium series rod in a 4 weight?

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