Purchasing a used fork truck

The majority of second-hand forklifts are used by smallish businesses that either cannot afford or don’t need to buy new.   By following a few basic rules you can make sure the used forklift you invest in is right for the job.

1. Which forklift truck should you go for? – First, find out what specification of lift truck would best suit your particular handling needs.For example, what is the heaviest load the forklift will have to lift?, what lift height is required and are there any height or width restrictions? Decide on whether you will need and electric, gas or diesel forklift, bear in mind, diesel powered trucks are normally only used outdoors. If you are looking to replace an old forklift, do not assume a newer truck is the best option. Consider what your production requirements are now and likely to be in the future.

2. Potential suppliers – You should only approach key manufacturers who have a good track record and provide a large choice of dependable vehicles. A main dealership should have a plethora of stock.

3. Age and condition – Selecting the modern fork lift probably won’t always be the best choice. Purchasers commonly make the error of leaning toward younger fork trucks, though the number of functioning hours in addition to condition of the truck are typically alot more significant than age.

4. How well has the machine been looked after – Much of the forklifts offered for sale by main manufacturers are from their very own rental fleets, maintained by them from new. It becomes an benefit given that rental forklift trucks continue in the control of the dealership till they’re able to sell them right at the end of the agreement period, as a result it’s considerably within the dealership’s interests to look after the forklift trucks. An ex-rental forklift truck, therefore, can prove to be a good deal with a lot of more productive years to allow.

5. Less expensive at the outset, costly over time – A low-priced forklift truck may possibly cost you a great deal more over time. Preferably be sure to ask to evaluate  the forklift to see  the forklift in operation before buying. If you’re buying an electric forklift truck, look at the condition of the battery and that also it will take an entire charge as batteries tend to be pricy to replace. As a final point, whenever a used fork truck is low-priced, ask yourself exactly why. It will always be well worth paying a bit more for the right forklift since this could save you so much more capital later on.

6. Replacement parts – Be sure that spare parts will be available for several years and that also replacement parts end up not being expensive.

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Steven Wheater has spent the last 14 years working in the packaging industry selling used forklift trucks. For more info visit Packaging Central.

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