Pickup Truck Accessories — Want or Need?

Pickup truck accessories can be for show or go.  Then they could be a combination of the two.  That’s especially true for truck bed liners.

Maybe the most popular liner choice is the spray on bed liner.  Why the popularity?  Well, it’s partly the custom look.  Every truck with a spray coating is a custom bed, since it’s sprayed and fits perfectly.

Now spray coatings come in many textures plus several colors too.  Once only black, now choose red, gray, white and others…  Color stays true over time now too, since UV blockers stop color fading from sun and weather.

The guarantee sells the liners too.  It’s often a life-time warranty.  It’s not that the liner can’t be damaged.  After all it’s paint.  It’s that it’s repairable.  That means some basic surface prep and then recoating for a repair process.

Coatings from the major franchises like Line-x and Rhino and others give professional looks and performance too.  Good as they are, this may not be the perfect solution.

See, it depends on how you use a truck.

For really rough hauling.  Take concrete blocks for example, or barbed wire or stockade panels for that matter.  Any of those, unless you’re very careful, will tear and scar a spray coating.  Then what?  Repair it now or later?

Pickup truck accessories best for your truck depend on how your truck is used.  Other liner options may beat spray coatings for heavy, rough use.  But then a spray liner may last for years on your vehicle without the slightest problem.  Depends on how you use it.


Get the scoop on the best bed liner choices… One strong option is a plastic bed liner.

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