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Paper honeycomb is a building and packing material. One of the most commons uses of paper honeycomb is for standard doors inside houses. Typically a layer of fiberglass and then the enforced paper made into honeycomb shapes (hexagon tubes) and then another layer of fiberglass. Compared pound for pound, it is stronger than steel and costs substantially less to manufacture.
A Paper Honeycomb example
After the Second World War, paper honeycomb was introduced for the airplane industry (fuel tanks for Dakotas) as a cost and material saving product for the reconstruction of Europe. Because at that time there was a shortage of building material (wood, bricks, etc.) paper honeycomb was an excellent alternative for solid materials like wood. In the sixties paper honeycomb was mainly used in inner doors, separation walls and furniture (kitchen cabinets). Because chipboard was less expensive in the 1970s, paper honeycomb was pushed out of many applications. Several door companies invested in high speed production lines where they used continuous paper honeycomb to produce up to 10,000 doors a week.
Paper honeycomb was also used as a packaging material. Glued with paper on both sides, it made an excellent protecting material for all kinds of items. In the eighties manufacturers began producing some of their products with paper honeycomb. By using paper honeycomb as a constructive filling, the products were more than 70% lighter than those made of chipboard, for example. This was convenient for clients purchasing cabinets or bookshelves assembled at home.
In the nineties paper honeycomb was introduced in the automotive industry. For example, it is often used as a substitute for a wooden plate with a steel frame for the trunk plate. Also the use of paper honeycomb in furniture was greatly increased. Paper honeycomb use expanded into many protective packaging applications such as rail car dunnage, truck dunnage and inner pack for both consumer and industrial goods. In Switzerland and Germany, paper honeycomb has become an important material in home construction.
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