?Diesel engine requires care and maintenance time and again

The way to start the diesel engine is too a bit different from another vehicle. When you turn on the ignition of the diesel engine, it takes time to heat the cylinders before it start up. When the cylinders get heated, and the diesel’s engine get started by itself but it also depends upon the weather, if the weather is cold, it takes more time and when it is hot, less time is taken. As soon as the engine starts, the light goes on and changes in to red. Hence, this is how the engine starts but that does not mean it starts the same way if you give it less time or neglection. Your engine can give you a hard time if you do not take care of it. Therefore it is very important to look after your engine to keep it running. Following are some tips and guidelines to help keep your engine in good condition. They are as follows:


1. To keep your engine running for longer times, always give it enough time to heat up. In cold temperatures, your engine needs 10 – 15 minutes to warm up and not less. If you start your engine too soon, then problems can occur as the engine might get pressurized due to slow absorbing of oil.
2. Changing oil at a certain time is very important. Changing oil when you have used the diesel truck for about 60000 miles. Also replace the spark plugs fuel injector and timing belt too when you feel there is a need to. If your belt shows some changes too, replace it.
3. The quality of oil that you use for your diesel truck should be good so that problems like engine gelling would not occur. Also check your radiator, water pump and freeze plugs from time to time. Also, rid your radiator from debris and once the engine has traveled 40,000 miles, try to replace the coolant from the radiator with a new one.
4. It is necessary to check the brake oil along with the fluids and this can also be done if you take your engine for servicing.

?2006 Toyota Tundra Review

Well, I’ve been shopping again. I have been looking at a couple of trucks and I like the Nissan Titan. It’s nice and has a lot of features. I am a Toyota fan and I do like the Tundra. It’s based upon the Sequoia frame – rather – they share the same frame, so it rides nice. The 271hp V8 helps tote things around, too. With a 6800-pound towing capacity, even if you have the double cab, you still have room for the family and the camper and the boat and the gear . . .whew.

One of the neat things about the new trucks is style. When I opened the door, I was surrounded in leather. The DVD navigation system may be a bit much for my use, but the double cab had a rear seat DVD player that would be perfect for the kids. It also had a vertical sliding rear glass, just like my 4runner and Sequoia.

I can’t decide if I’d rather have the Access cab, or just go ahead and get the double cab. The access cab has almost a full size door opening up into the back seats, and I probably won’t be hauling around any big adults in the back. Unless they wanted to watch the DVD player.

It may sound odd, but you can get a limited slip rear end on the 2 wheel drive models. It keeps the rear tire from spinning. . .well, one tire from spinning. I’m sure with that monster engine, it wouldn’t take much to get the tires smoking. The mechanical limited slip is an option all unto itself. As I discovered further, I think I’d rather have the entire package of safety features. They are stability control, traction control, brake assist, fog lamps, running lights, and AUTOMATIC limited-slip rear differential. Sounds daunting, but I’m sure this package would be worth it in the long run.

So, double cab? SR5 or Limited. Hmm. Step side? Not for me, but it is stylish looking. I’d have to option mine up a bit to get the homelink, DVD’s, Leather, and side curtain air bags if I do get the double cab.

It’s a nice truck. Manly enough for me, but still soft enough the wife could drive it if I let her. If you get a chance, check them out, because Toyota did it right with the Tundra this year.

?Ford F350 Super Duty: Now Reporting for Duty

From cars to minivans to sport-utility vehicles to trucks. Ford Motor Company simply has it all. Each vehicle made to do a different type of job – just like Ford’s customers who have varied and changing lifestyles, and who have different purposes for their vehicles in mind.

As for the Ford Super Duty, this truck delivers just its specifications offer. Patrons of this Ford truck rely on this to get the job done. And this truck does it with unsurpassed gas and diesel power, more toughness, and useful new features that makes work easier, and also makes recreation and play time more enjoyable.

Frank Davis, Ford vehicle programs director for pickups and commercial vehicles claims, “”The original Super Duty proved that pickup trucks with the right stuff could handle jobs that once were associated only with the big, commercial medium-duty truck segment. The Ford Super Duty takes this capability to the to the max, with towing and cargo ratings that will astound our customers.””

Last year, 2005, the Super Duty made available that year featured a host of functional, capability, and convenience improvements. And now, customers of the Ford Super Duty are waiting as to what changes more could be done to this astounding truck.

For last year’s changes, the list included increased tow ratings across the board, with best-in-class maximum towing rating of 17,000 pounds; class-leading payload for Super Duty pickups – taking it up to 5,800 pounds of cargo in the F-350 dually, which on the average, payload improves 500 to 1000 pounds for F-250 and F-350 pickups; TowCommand(TM) System which is a combination of standard and optional features that makes towing easier, and added in is an industry-first factory-installed trailer brake controller; unsurpassed power that includes the segment’s most powerful gasoline engine which is the 6.8 liter, 3-valve Triton(TM) V-10 with 355 hp and 455 pound-feet of torque; the best-selling 6.0 liter Power Stroke® diesel has been increased to 570 pound-feet of torque; a new front suspension and improved steering for a better ride, handling and maneuverability in 4X4 pickups and all F-450 and F-550 chassis cabs; best-in-class braking made with larger rotors and larger, stiffer calipers plus the parking brake is done larger and stronger; and topping it all up is the stronger and tougher frame to support all the workload.

When it comes to how the Ford Super Duty fascia is, this truck has been redesigned with a bolder, tougher look up the front end, and in its own category is the only truck with 18- and 20-inch wheels. Its interior has been done over so as to exude a refined taste. The truck’s instrument panel has also been redesigned with applications that are unique. As for steering, changes had also been made to its steering geometry, with tighter internal tolerances in its new steering gear and a revised power assist.

?Used Trucks Are Easy to Find on the Web, But Make Sure That You Do Your Research Before You Buy

Trying to find autos online is really easy these days and if you’re looking for used trucks or cars then you’re in luck because there are a huge range of online stores available to buy from. However, before you make any big decisions, you’ll need to do some serious research on the web.

Buying what you want online doesn’t usually take that long but you’ll need to set aside some time in order to do some research. Getting what you want at a price you can afford isn’t always easy so it’s worth putting the time in to ensure that you’re able to get the best deals. You’ll need to be aware of everything available on today’s market so that you can compare prices and value for money.

Getting a good deal isn’t about buying the cheapest things you can find. Used trucks are usually low in price but you may need to compare prices to make sure that you’re not getting ripped off. You don’t want to buy the cheapest thing because it could mean that there’s something wrong with it and the quality isn’t good enough for your needs – it’s all about value for money.

Shopping for cars online is actually easier than most people think. Usually, you’ll find something that you’re interested in and make a note of the number to call. Once you’ve done all your research, you can then make all your phone calls and go out to test drive or at least look at the autos you like. Just remember to have a pen and paper with you while you’re doing your research online.

You’ll also need to take a pen and paper with you when you go and look at what’s available. This will ensure that you can make a note of anything you may need to research when you get home. Most of the time it’s pretty easy to find what you need online.

Overall, buying used trucks on the web is easy as long as you do your research properly. Just be sure to take your time and don’t rush into anything. Make sure you’re 100% comfortable before you part with any of your hard earned cash.

?Gottfried Helnwein – An Interview – On the Vandalism of the Installation

Ninth November Night” “In this interview with writer Michal Szyksznian, artist Gottfried Helnwein discusses the clash between artists and dictators, the mediocrity of society, and how he dealt with the attempted destruction of his installation “”Ninth November Night”” in Germany.

MS: In common notion, America is seen as the land of freedom. But at the same time it seems to enforce definite canons and models on the world, and put the hand of censorship on the unconventional expression of the individual. I know that you enjoy living in LA, because it gives you freedom. What kind of freedom does LA have to offer?

GH: LA is a strange place. A few blocks from my studio the streets are filled with thousands of homeless people, huddling on sidewalks or staggering through the streets — and from time to time some lost soul is gesticulating franticly and shouting at invisible enemies. I live and work in the so called “”artist district”” in downtown Los Angeles – an innocent little island with old warehouses and brick buildings that look like left-overs from a noir movie set, inhabited by artists, photographers, musicians, skinny girls with nice tattoos, freaks, and Japanese students from SCI-Arc (The Southern California Institute of Architecture) placed in the former Santa Fe Rail Road freight-depot, a concrete block one-quarter of a mile long.

The heart of the artist district is the “”Groundworks”” cafe in a red-painted building across the old, run-down “”American Hotel”” where Bukowski once wrote the screenplay for “”Barfly””. The air is heavily polluted from all these diesel trucks that blow their unfiltered exhaust gases through their erected chrome-pipes into the air of downtown. When I touch my paintings my hands gets black from the layers of black dust, that sets on everything all the time.

But that’s only one ride in the theme-park that is LA. There is also little Tokyo, Chinatown, Mexico, Russia, Armenia, Korea-town, etc. All together more than 140 different ethnic groups and 224 different languages. Here you can find any religion that people ever dreamed up – from the Church of Satan to the Chassidic Jews wearing huge fur hats and tight caftans, like their ancestors wore in Galicia 200 years ago, walking with their children on Shabbat under palm trees in the Californian sun.

In South Central, black kids loiter at street corners with a magnum in their waistband, controlling the drug-trade. And in the heavily gated communities of the rich, private police officers in smart, black uniforms protect all the precious miracles that plastic surgery is creating these days. And all these different people live here in some kind of peaceful anarchy. And of course there is that industry which has fabricated dreams for the whole world since 100 years: Hollywood.

LA is a city without a center, and it has no memory – there is no past and no future, only the here and now. It is like a raw wound that nobody cares to bandage. I never felt so free in my life. I think it’s a freedom that comes from the fact that nobody gives a shit.

MS: It seems that stereotypical thinking and censorship increase the will of crossing the boundaries. I think that these things are necessary for the artist to intensify his expression. What do you think?

GH: Most societies are ruled by mediocre people that have no vision and no imagination. Most rulers are scared of creation and creative people. Artists are funny people. All they want is to touch and move, challenge and surprise others. Dictators hate surprises more than anything else. All they want is to turn their territory into a neat little toy prison camp and play with their little toy people. Push them around, rip a leg or a head off now and then or throw them into the garbage when they are tired of their stupid, little doll faces.

And it’s actually not very hard to convince humans that it is the smartest and safest for them to become puppets and leave all that boring thinking and decision making to the wisdom of God – or to his deputies: the Fuehrers, leaders, Popes, Presidents, Duces, Cesars, Chairmen, and General Secretaries.

Isn’t it interesting that Stalin for example – lord over the life and death of hundreds of million slaves, the biggest war-machinery, armies of secret police and an enormous network of Gulags – was scared of the poems of a lady named Anna Akhmatova? Deep inside tyrants know that a seemingly innocent song or poem can have the potential power to spark off the final big fire that will turn his empire into ashes.

Hitler tried to destroy every artistic expression by frantically burning books and paintings, looting all museums, declaring art “”degenerate””, and in typically German bureaucratic nerd-fashion he even created a Government-agency called “”Reichskulturkammer”” which handed out official certificates to artists that explicitly forbade them to paint or write poetry.

I smelled a little bit of that breath of death, when I had my first exhibition in a museum in Vienna 1971, when somebody stuck labels on each of my paintings with the words “”degenerate art”” on it. I need censorship as much as I need an asshole on my elbow.

MS: Someone destroyed the photographs of children from your “”Kristallnacht”” installation. How do you feel about it?

GH: If I put an installation, a work of art, into a public space, I start a process that I can’t control entirely anymore. I have to be willing to let go, and accept that the emotions and reactions that it might trigger will become part of that work.

Sometimes as an artist you put your finger on a spot that hurts and then you have to be able to confront the screams. And exactly that happened with my “”Ninth November Night”” Installation (in remembrance of “”Kristallnacht””). It was 100-meter-long wall of pictures with 4 meter high childrens’ faces lined up in front of the cathedral of Cologne, and one night somebody came along and cut all the throats of the children. I was startled at first and uncertain of what to do with the cut up sheets of vinyl, but then I decided to just roughly patch them up with tape and include the injury. And although it was originally unintended by me, this attack added another dimension to that work of art and made it more powerful.

?2004 Dodge Ram

The 2004 Dodge Ram is a continuation of the revamped model introduced a few years earlier, and remains one of the toughest trucks in the half-ton class. It is offered in 1500, 2500, 3500 and other sizes along with gasoline and diesel engines. A few features were added for the ’04 season, mostly being technological upgrades for drivers inside the cabin. Dodge is still betting on the idea that only 2 different cab styles will offer enough customization and appeal to it’s customers. Possible the most alluring aspect of these trucks is the fact that they can be bought with the infamous Hemi engine which is renowned for it’s power and smoothness.

Engines available on these models include a 3.7 liter V-6, a 4.7 liter V-8, along with a 5.7 liter V-8. Drivers who only need a basic work truck for highway driving and won’t be hauling extremely large loads will probably suffice with the smaller V-6, but certainly won’t be getting able to use the truck to it’s full capabilities. The 4.7 liter engine is a great middle of the road choice and works very well with even the 4 wheel drive models both on and off road. Of course those who really want to get the best all around experience will have to indulge and get themselves a Hemi equipped 5.7 liter engine 2004 Dodge Ram. The benefits of the larger engine are endless and the ride quality is drastically improved.

Noticeable areas that this truck excels in comparison with the Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150 include towing capabilities, optional all-wheel drive, and a very user friendly set of interior instrument controls and panel layouts. Dodge is able to offer some of the best hauling and towing capabilities because of its strengthened frame from a new forging technique that has made it up to 3 times as strong. That means that the truck is more reliable than ever for heavy duty work.

There are three trim packages available for the 2004 Dodge Ram including the ST, SLT, and the SRT. Both the basic level ST and mid-level SLT packages are available in 2 door cabs and quad cabs. Basic ST models have power windows and a decent stereo system along with the choice of 6.3 ft or 8 ft cargo bed. SLT models are a nice step up in comfort, offering full power accessories, CD players, AC, a great selection of fabrics, and optional 20 inch wheels. It should be noted however that the larger wheels have been known to cause a stiffer ride quality. The sportier SRT-10 models come with the viper V10 engine and 22 inch wheels. The high-end package also has different trim accents.

Most trucks will be found to have the mid-level SLT package and one of the V-8 engines. Depending upon preferences and needs, there are a great selection of both 2 wheel rear drive and 4 wheel drive trucks available for the 2004 Dodge Ram. One of the few downsides that Dodge still struggles with is fuel economy. Coming in significantly lower for nearly all packages and engines than the Silverado and F-150.

In summation, the Ram is a great truck for those who really want to do some seriously work. Lower end packages are where the Ram probably isn’t the best of competitors, but they are very fund trucks to drive nonetheless.

?Diesel Trucks – How Far They Have Come

Diesel trucks have evolved significantly ever since they were first introduced.
Not only have their looks and popularity improved but also its performance.
When the diesel truck was first conceived more than half a century ago, its
main function was as a transport vehicle to carry heavy cargo between distant
destinations. The diesel engine was very popular because of its efficiency and
was very rewarding on long distance trips. Decades later, the main purpose of
diesel trucks remain but with many new functions.
The aesthetic value of diesel trucks, like any other vehicle has greatly
increased over time. Nevertheless, the most significant development in diesel
trucks is its performance.
Although diesel engines were made with the purpose to be more efficient in
being utility vehicles than their more powerful petrol counterparts, they do
not meet the demands of today’s market. Nowadays, people want even more power from their already
high-capacity common-rail diesel engines and even add turbochargers for an
extra boost of power.
An abundance in high-performance diesel trucks has resulted in them dominating
off road activities that used to be conquered by SUVs. There is even a category
for diesel trucks in the distinguished Dakar Rally which is a clear indicator
of how much diesel trucks have developed.
The drastic increase in the performance of diesel trucks has also caused them
to be an object of obsession for many automobile enthusiasts. Today, trucks
like the Dodge Ram sell so well not because of their outstanding capability as
a utility vehicle but because of their ridiculous high-capacity engines that
portray the American muscle image.
Buying diesel trucks has now become a rather controversial issue because of
their gas-guzzling engines and exorbitantly high emissions. If people only
purchased diesel trucks for their primary purpose which is to carry heavy
loads, this issue wouldn’t be undergoing such intense criticism.
Nevertheless, we still must give credit to diesel trucks for how much they have
developed over the years. Although their purpose has somewhat evolved
negatively, under the metal and plastic, it is still the same vehicle it was
when it first rolled out of automobile factories. Therefore, we can anticipate
a long journey ahead for diesel trucks as they continue to develop at such a
rapid pace.

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