Truck rental and storage companies: Answers to frequently asked questions

Whether you want to move one large item or an entire household full of items, relocating them to a new home or simply into storage, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Moving can be tedious, frustrating, and at times back breaking work. It can also be expensive and stressful. If you don’t want to contract an expensive moving company to handle your move and choose instead to do it all yourself, there are resources available to help.

How do I choose a truck rental company?
For a one way move you’re usually better off choosing the largest truck you can afford to assure all of your home furnishings and personal belongings will fit into the truck in a single load and can be transported in a single trip. Most national moving truck rental firms have large vehicles around 24-26 feet long which are capable of carrying the contents of an entire home and can even tow your car behind them.

Cargo vans and pickup trucks – If you don’t have a lot of stuff to move or want to sell everything and start all over again, these smaller vehicles are a good option and are also perfect for moving appliances, transporting landscaping materials, or hauling construction items like lumber and sheetrock when doing home improvement projects.

* 10-12 foot trucks – These small trucks get good fuel economy and can house enough stuff to fill a studio or small apartment.

* 14-16 foot trucks – Good for a 1-2 bedroom move.

* 17-20 foot trucks – Good for a 2-3 bedroom move.

* 20-24 foot trucks – Good for a 3-4 bedroom move.

* 26 foot + trucks – Good for a 4+ bedroom move.

Trailers – There are several sizes of trailers which can be used for small local moving jobs or on long trips with only small loads. Specialized trailers are also available for moving entire vehicles and open trailers with ramps and sides can handle ATV’s, furniture, boxes or heavy items like big appliances.

Where can I store my stuff?
If you’re trying to sell your house and buy another one, or if you’re changing from a larger to a smaller home, the use of a self storage facility can help make the transition a smooth one. Some truck rental companies have agreements with storage firms or even provide both services for clients, making it easy to coordinate loading and unloading.

What are the benefits of self storage?
*  Security for all of your belongings, often with features such as gated entry, individual entry codes, flood lighting and video surveillance

*  On site resident managers at some facilities

*  Protection from the elements in a clean, well maintained, dry storage unit

*  Pest and vermin control

*  Availability of climate controlled units

*  Affordable unit rent with easy terms and conditions

*  Flexibility of storage unit sizes and functions

*  24 hour a day access, 7 days per week

*  Peace of mind that comes from having someone else care for your items

How can using self storage help me when I’m trying to sell my home?
Real estate agents will tell you that the best thing to do in order to help them sell your home is reduce clutter. Prospective home buyers are more likely to place offers on homes that look clean, organized, neat, and tidy.

That’s where a self storage facility can help. By taking all of the excess items out of your home before starting the sales process, this unsightly clutter will be out of the way of potential home buyers who tour your home and increase your chances of selling your home quickly.

What kinds of items can I store in self storage?
*  Clothing

*  Furniture

*  Antiques

*  Collectibles

*  Vehicles such as cars, boats, RVs

*  Photographs, films, or videos

*  Appliances

*  Bulky machinery

*  Important documents

*  Valuables

*  Wine collections

What types of items will moving companies or truck rental companies allow me to transport?
Moving companies and truck rental companies each carry their own lists of restrictions on which types of items they will or won’t allow, so do careful research and ask a lot of questions when developing your relocation plan. Generally explosive items, ammunition, or weapons are not allowed.

What is the best way to find and choose a truck rental or self storage company?
To find the right truck rental company for you, consult the yellow pages or the Internet. It’s best to stick with nationally known companies to assure that they have the right truck for your needs or can get you the right one from another branch in time for your moving date.

For help with finding an appropriate storage company, use an Internet self storage search engine like Storage Concierge at They are a free service and you can search for one near you by city, state, or zip code.

For more information on truck rental and other storage related services, please visit

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Rules and Regulations for Auto Transport

The auto transport industry has to follow the trucking laws while transporting vehicles from one place to another for their customers. There are many rules and regulations that have to be followed by them to ensure that the vehicle that they are transporting reaches the destination without any problems.

The auto transport company should have a number of years of experience and should possess a license which is active. They should give you a bill of lading, where all the dents or damages in the vehicle being transported, will be noted. This is signed by both the company and the person owning the vehicle at the time of pick up of the vehicle. This is again checked when delivery of the vehicle is done. The vehicle should be properly insured. Generally the payment has to be made in advance or a certain amount of money has to be given in advance. You can use a credit card to pay. All the details should be in writing, so that you will not have a problem later.

A fixed delivery date should be given by the auto transport company. If, for some reason, they cannot deliver on that date, they should inform the customer. You should find out whether your vehicle is being transported in an open or enclosed truck. You should also find out whether the delivery is from terminal to terminal or from door to door.

The auto transport industry employs drivers to drive huge trucks which transport the vehicles of the customers to their destination. These huge trucks have to driven with care to ensure the safety of the vehicles. Most of the roads in the country will have axle weight regulations that have to be followed. So, the weight carried becomes very important. The roads should be able to handle the weight. So, it is necessary to know the route that will be taken to deliver the vehicles. There will be many weigh stations and check points on the way, where you will have the weight of the truck checked. So, even before you start on the trip, you should be aware of the weight that the truck is carrying, so that you are within the limits. If you exceed the weight, the best thing would be to leave on car behind and transport it later.

The truck size and specifications should also conform to the laws. When you are transporting a vehicle, only certain size and weight of truck can transport it. If the right size is not used, then you will be going against the law.

The next thing you must be aware of is the how securely you have tied the vehicles inside the truck. There are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed to ensure that all the cars are tightly tied to the truck. If you have not adhered to the rules, you will be fined heavily. You will be putting yourself and the others on the road to danger.

The driver has to also follow certain rules. He should only drive for a certain number of hours in a day. This should not be exceeded, as it is dangerous and can lead to accidents. All the hours that the driver has put in should be logged.

The truck driver should have in the truck – the log book, insurance information and other necessary documents and other equipments that are given to you by the auto transport company. These are essential things that should be in the truck all the time.

The truck is generally checked before it leaves the transport company, while it is traveling and when it reaches the destination. So, all the rules and regulations should be followed to ensure the safe and secure transfer of the vehicles in the charge of the driver to the destination.

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How To Find Used Car Parts For Sale

How To Find Used Car Parts For Sale

Welcome to the ultimate cheap car parts accessory superstore. We offer cheap car parts and accessories for every make and model of domestic and import vehicles under one roof. The vast range includes typical service parts such as spark plugs and filters as well as engine, clutch and brake parts, all available nationwide. All available at please use the link provided.

There are a lot of ways to find cheap car parts, but you need to find cheap parts that are of high quality, in good working condition and durable.  Here are some things you could do:

Search the Internet.  Use your Internet search engine to find cheap Suzuki  used car parts.  Just type the keywords ‘cheap Suzuki car parts’ and you will be given a list of sites where you could find these.  You could choose from a range of items and prices, and even a choice of used or unused car parts.  Just make sure that you are buying from legitimate sellers.

There are several ways to find car parts for sale. One resource you can use as long as you have access to it is the internet. Another is your local car parts dealer. In order to decide which way is best to go you need to understand the benefits of both. We are going to take a brief look at both so that you can make the right decision.

Our clients specialize in offering new Vauxhall  used car parts at a very competitive price. The pricing has been kept keen to entice volume of customer enquiries. Our client operates the business with a fully integrated web site, which is maintained to an optimum standard.

The high web presence provides over 750 enquiries a day with over 150 genuine enquiries. One should know what parts are necessary to style a car irrespective of what the make or model is. This applies not only to the outer appearance of the vehicle, but also to other factors such as the performance and speed of the car.

With the internet finding replacement parts and aftermarket items for almost any vehicle has been made easy. Just for curiosity I typed in GTX Pistol Grip shifter which is what came on one of my favorite Chrysler muscle cars and there were numerous choices. So you can see that it really doesn’t matter how rare the part you will probably be able to find it online.

Auto Parts
Auto Stockpile

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The Best Way to Raise an Amazing Dog – With a Dog Training DVD


Do you want people to be surprise at the perfect communication between you and your dog? Do you want to raise or bring up your dog in a commendable way? The best way to achieve your aim is to learn how to train your dog by your self. You can learn how to train your dog by your self in so many ways. The easiest way especially for people who can not leave the comfort of their home to a dog training lesson is to get a pet training lesson live in DVD and learn in the comfort of your home how to train your dog.



It is better and easier to teach your pet how to behave when her she is still a pup. It is easier for puppies to adjust than a well grown dog. Naturally, dogs are very intelligent and arrogant animals. For you to be able to subdue dog’s ego, you need to start his or her training scheme when he or she is still a pup.


Training a dog can be fun if you have the fundamental idea or skills for pet training. It is very easy to learn how to train a dog. All you need to do is to make a research over the internet and read dog training tips from the best dog trainers online and learn how to teach your dog or you can get a dog training DVD that will coach you on how to bring up your dog by your self.









If you are in need of the best dog training tips visit

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Ford F-150 SuperCab Tow Test

We tested the all-new 2009 Ford F-150 pickup equipped with a three-valve 5.4L V-8 and six-speed auto transmission in Trailer Boats’ March 2009 issue (“Power Packed”), and it was impressive. We found it to offer abundant power, outstanding drivability and firmly planted handling. Months later, however, we got to thinking that it might be interesting to see what this truck could do if it was packing one of the two available smaller 4.6L V-8 engines under its hood. To take the question a step farther, we went “old school” and had one delivered with the two-valve 4.6. Would it perform up to our expectations? Would it burn significantly less fuel? We had a lot of questions. Here’s what we discovered.


For all intents and purposes, you get the same truck when you order it with one of the smaller V-8 engines. It’s based on a fully boxed, hydro formed steel ladder-style frame, a double wishbone short- and long-arm independent front suspension with coil-over shocks with redesigned double ball-joint links for improved handling, and a leaf-spring suspended live rear axle with outboard-mounted shocks for improved roll stability. AdvanceTrac with RSC (Roll Stability Control) systems are integrated into the four-channel, four-wheel ABS brakes to help keep the vehicle under control in skid or body roll scenarios. All 2009 F-150s also come with the new Trailer Sway Control system, which is especially sensitive to yaw-type motions in the truck’s chassis, and can signal sway-dampening measures to the engine and brake system to help bring trailer sway under control. The interior is the same basic design, although the 4×2 STX SuperCab model was far less dressed up than the 5.4-equipped SuperCrew we had before. And certainly the rear seat passengers in the SuperCab will be less comfortable than those who ride in the SuperCrew’s second row of seats. All of the controls, dials and switches are easy to reach and manipulate. In general, visibility around the truck from the driver’s seat is good, although the large headrests on the front seats block the driver’s over-the-left-shoulder view through the driver-side rear passenger door window on the SuperCab model.


As far as capability goes, the 4.6-powered F-150 doesn’t give up too much compared to the 5.4 when it comes to payload and GVWR. With the 4.6, the payload drops only 150 pounds to 1580, and the GVWR goes down just 300 pounds to 6700. The GCWR and tow rating take a pretty good hit, though. The GCWR drops 6000 pounds to 11,100; the maximum trailer weight rating loses 5400 points for a 5800-pound tow rating. Let’s look at this with some perspective, however. How many of you actually tow a trailer boat that weighs 10,000 pounds? Not that many it seems. In fact, our reader survey shows that about 75 percent of Trailer Boats readers tow less than 7000 pounds, and around 55 percent tow less than 5000 pounds. That means the 4.6-powered F-150 we tested is capable of towing the boats owned by more than half of the readers of Trailer Boats. With the 4.6, you don’t get Ford’s new high-tech six-speed transmission. Our tester came with a four-speed OD automatic transmission. Quite frankly, it worked perfectly fine, with crisp, clean shifts and no noticeable gear hunting. You don’t get the higher price, either. The 5.4-equipped F-150 4×4 SuperCrew we tested had a base MSRP of $37,990 and a price as tested of $46,495 (loaded to the gills with extras). The 4.6-equipped and modestly optioned 4×2 SuperCab carried a price as tested of $30,990. Its base MSRP was $26,495. Take the difference and stick it in the bank.


The numbers tell much of the story. The boats towed during our testing of the two trucks were within 700 pounds of each other. In both towing and non-towing situations, the two-valve 4.6 showed moderate fuel savings in comparison to the 5.4. On flat highway stretches and city driving with the boat in tow, the 4.6 never broke a sweat. It pulled the load from a standing stop with relative ease, and cruised the highway with very little pedal pressure. Only when we hit the hills did the truck begin to show its Achilles’ heel. On mild uphill grades, we shifted down into third gear (turned OD off) and had no trouble. But when the climb got steeper, the transmission had to be dropped down into second gear, and we made the top of the 6 percent Cajon Grade at a 50 mph pace with the engine revving at about 3500 rpm. Overall, the Ford we tested with the 4.6 is a solid performer capable of towing the 5250-pound boat. It has its shortcomings when compared to the 5.4, but this test confirmed what we had already theorized — the 2009 Ford F-150 4×2 powered by the two-valve 4.6L V-8 is a good option to consider when looking for a new tow vehicle. It can handle the trailer boats that most of you have parked in your driveways.

— Stuart Bourdon

For more info on trucks like the Ford F-150 SuperCab, check out our online tow ratings guide. Trailer Boats magazine highlights boat tests, features, towing info and more in every issue.

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Vehicle Transport to and from Alabama

When talking about the state of Alabama, the civilization, climatic condition, education, churches, religion and culture comes into the minds of people. The state Alabama is located in the southern region of United States of America. It is bounded by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and Gulf of Mexico to the south and Mississippi to the west. The unofficial name among people for Alabama is yellowhammer state and the popular name for the state is “Heart of Dixie”.

Alabama’s capital city is Montgomery with largest city of Birmingham and largest metro area of greater Birmingham area. Birmingham yields the fame of largest city in US state of Alabama with the nickname of “The Magic City”. There are five major interstate roads in Alabama that cross through the state towards Atlanta, Georgia and other states of America. The climatic condition remains to be temperate during hot summer and mild rainy during winter season. This is one of the important reasons the tourist number is getting increased every year in Alabama.

The interesting places to be visited in Alabama is wheeler lake on Tennessee river, R.L Harris reservoir on Tallapoosa river, the united states army chemical corps museum in fort McClellan, first electric trolley streetcars and Anniston museum of natural history. It is the only state which comes up with all major natural resources needed to make iron and steel.

The famous churches in Alabama are First Presbyterian Church, St. Patrick and All Saints church. The students of the state find their future at the University of Alabama. The University of Alabama initiates ingenuity in education, distinction in academics, discovers revolutionary in medicine with proficient faculty, renowned research and campus tour. Vehicle transport to and from Alabama is offered excellently to meet the desires of the people of Alabama.

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Access Literider Roll-Up Truck Bed Cover

Truck bed covers are more affordable than ever. The Access Literider truck bed cover allows for greater flexibility in your truck accessory budget than pricier truck bed covers, without relinquishing the most important attributes and time-honored features and benefits.

The Literider tonneau cover by Access is tailor-made for your vehicle. Proprietary ez-dial tensity adjusters allows anyone to moderate the Access Literider tonneau cover’s tenseness with just a twisting of the dial. All metal structure implies the Access Literider tonneau cover is durably made. Uv-protected, double-coated vinyl fabric stands up to dog days of summer or winter cold. Robust tubular bows and vinyl cover stands up to mounting snowfall, whereever it’s found.  The Literider tonneau cover will accommodate nearly all bed rails, truck bed caps, tailgate protectors, under-the-rail bed liners and tie downs.  The literider battens down at the front of the truck bed using easy-to-release straps. Closes up using proven hook-and-loop sealing-off strategy. Three-way security arrangement positions slide-locks in the rearmost corners of the bed.  No snaps, dust-taking in rails or hinges.  The Literider tonneau cover’s clamp-on only blueprint lets the cover install in no time. Additionally, each Access Literider tonneau cover a generous lifetime warranty.

An all-aluminum structure, bars and bows that roll up inside the tarp and an Ultraviolet resistant, extra-strength weather-resistant fabric tarp make this one of today’s most comprehensive soft tops.  Additionally, the Access Literider’s signature EZ-DIAL tension adjusters allows anyone to tighten by hand the tarpaulin with a few leisurely turns – tools not required!  The smooth 1½”  hook and loop Velcro-brand sealing system, roll-up tarpaulin and handy tie-offs mean the end to fingernail-breaking fasteners, dirt-grabbing guide-rails or creaky hinge-points to suppress the hauling of larger freight in the bed.

The Access Literider truck bed cover is also great for keeping freight sheltered and protected from harsh weather conditions with manual locking system, hands-free latch-and-lock system and weather-resistant seals. Application-specific C-clamps make installation a quick and easy, thirty-minute process.

Eric Weeks has been one of the internet’s leading experts on Access truck bed covers and, specifically, the Access LiteRider Roll-Up cover since 2001. Visit these pages now to learn how you can take advantage of this technology that can safeguard both your vehicle and your belongings while improving your gas mileage by as much as 10 – 12%.

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Access Tool Box Edition Truck Bed Cover

The Access Tool Box Edition truck bed cover is designed to function right along with any existing over-the-rail crossover tool box. On top of that, it will provide for many years of reliable service with its easy-to-use attributes and sturdy construction.

The Access Tool Box Edition tonneau cover is custom-made to fit with your 20″-21″ over-the-rail toolbox.  All-aluminum construction means the Access Tool Box Edition is built to last.  UV-protected, double-coated vinyl fabric stands up to summer heat or winter cold.  Tough tubular bows and vinyl cover can hold heavy snow, even in the mountains.  The Access Tool Box Edition tonneau cover will accommodate most bed rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors, under-the-rail bed liners and tie downs.  The roll top secures behind the cab with quick-release straps.  Closes with its dependable hook-and-loop sealing system. Three-point locking system puts slide-locks at each rear corner.  No snaps, debris-catching tracks or hinges.  The Access Tool Box Edition’s clamp-on design makes for fast and easy installation.  And, your toolbox tonneau cover is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

All-aluminum construction, roll-up bars and bows and a UV-resistant, twice-coated vinyl fabric fabric. In addition, the Access Tool Box Edition’s exclusive EZ-DIAL tautness adjusters permit you to hand-tighten the tarpaulin with its a few easy cranks – no tools needed. The smooth 1½”  hook and loop seals, roll-up covering and handy cab-end ties mean there are no finger-busting snaps, debris-catching tracks or creaky hinges to get in the way of hauling big loads in the bed.

The Access Tool Box Edition truck bed cover also keeps your cargo secure and protected from the weather with its its manual slide lock, automatic latching system and tight seals. Application-specific clamps make installation quick and easy.

Eric Weeks has been one of the internet’s leading experts on Access tonneau covers and the Tool Box Edition tonneau cover since 2001. Visit these sites now to learn how you can take advantage of this technology that can safeguard both your vehicle and your belongings while improving your gas mileage by as much as 10 – 12%.

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Access Limited Edition Truck Bed Cover

The Access Limited Edition truck bed cover is specifically made for your vehicle – whatever that particular pickup truck might be.  Additionally, black anodized all-aluminum construction equates to a well-built truck bed cover.  UV protected, industrial cover material withstands extreme hot and cold temperatures. Tough tubular bows and cover can hold heavy snow, even in the mountains. Protected EZ-DIAL XT tenseness adjusters permit you to control the tonneau cover’s tensity using a mere twist of the dial.  The Access Limited Edition tonneau cover fits virtually all bed rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors, under-the-rail bed liners and tie downs. The truck bed cover battens down in back of the pickup’s cab using high-performance quick-release straps, just right for a tonneau that can close easily with a reliable hook-and-loop sealing scheme.  Spring-loaded slide-locks automatically engage each side of the tonneau cover. No snaps, dirt-collecting rails or hinges.  The Access Limited Edition tonneau cover’s clamp-on design with 8 tie-down-type clamps establishes a a hastened installation.

The Limited Edition tonneau offers black anodized all-aluminum construction, roll-up bars and bows. The Uv-resistant, double-coated vinyl-like material tarp stays pliant as low as forty below zero. The Access Limited Edition’s trademarked EZ-DIAL XT tension adjusters allow you to hand-tune the cover material to trampoline-tightness with just a couple of effortless turns, no complex springs, levers or tools called for. The smooth 1½” hook and loop seals, roll-up cover material and premium cab-end straps mean there are zero complicated button snaps, dirt-collecting grooves or creaky hinges to make hauling heavy loads a problem.

The Access Limited Edition tonneau cover likewise keeps your cargo secure and protected from the elements using automatic slide locks, self-regulating locking arrangement and trademarked weather seals.  Application-specific clamps contribute greatly to a quick and easy installation.

Eric Weeks has been one of the internet’s leading experts on Access tonneau covers and its Limited Edition tonneau since 2001. Visit these sites now to learn how you can take advantage of this technology that can safeguard both your vehicle and your belongings while improving your gas mileage by as much as 10 – 12%.

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Access Vanish Truck Bed Cover Review

Just the tonneau specialists at Agri-cover would try to produce a truck bed cover that’s, well, hardly … there.  The all-new, sleek-looking Access Vanish tonneau cover contributes a wealth of great tonneau features such as weather coverage and improved Miles per gallon without the lightweight appearance and ugly arc of inexpensive covers.

Vanish by agri-cover is larger-than-life when it comes to features and slim in its profile. Made-to-order to accommodate your pickup’s bed. Postured barely ½” across your bed rails held in place with continuous made-to-last Velcro industrial seals. climate control seal barrier halts the elements. Rolls up with the reinforcement bows for fast full-bed access and opens easily by way of a release mechanism along with simple slide locks.  EZ Dial tenseness dial guarantees a tight fit in all weather. Additionally, its Ultra-violet protected vinyl-like material distress beneath the beating sun and stays pliant to -40°F. Quickly and easily installs in less than 30 minutes with tight bite clamps (most trucks). On top of that, the access vanish tonneau cover is covered under warranty for three years.

The Access Vanish truck bed cover realized its name because it barely sits ½” higher than the bed rails – giving new meaning to the phrase “low profile tonneau cover”.  All the same, unlike different low-profile truck tops, the Vanish continues to channel harsh climate where it can do no harm. This combo of profile and 4-season protection capableness can be bought for the price of an access Vanish tonneau.

Other attributes that make a difference include the Vanish’s auto-tension arrangement, fast roll-up total bed access, long-lasting Velcro side seals, adroit trigger release, all rolled up inside a 3-year limited warranty.  There’s more … each Access Vanish truck bed cover can be installed in no time flat utilizing the included patented clamps.

Slim in profile, no pussycat when it comes to security and ruggedness.  Doesn’t your cover deserve to “vanish” … today?

Eric Weeks has been one of the internet’s leading experts on Access tonneau covers and, most recently, its Vanish tonneau cover since 2001. Visit these sites
now to learn how you can take advantage of this technology that can safeguard both your vehicle and your
belongings while improving your gas mileage by as much as 10 – 12%.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Cheap Movers

The malevolence attitude has smeared in the mind and blood of several natives in different parts of the country, the common abhorrence amongst them has segregated them from the ordinary crowd and by the affinity of evil power and fate, they are triumphantly fostering the similar indignant attitude to the rest of the mass. The ordinary crowd is gasping for breathe and trying hard to find a way out. Cheap movers are playing a vital role in translocating the common man to their desired location.

Availability of cheap movers is infinite; on the contrary it is also a very difficult task to get an honest cheap mover. Both ancient and modern trend of selection depends mostly on price and quality; hence the term “cheap and best” is still in existence. But something that is cheap might not be the best similarly something that is expensive is not always the great. Lightning Van Lines has the tremendous potential to offer the best moving services at a lowered price.

Do we understand the pros and cons of hiring cheap movers? The consequences or outcome of the move can be really devastating but Lighting Van Lines has the talent and proper pre-planning to minimize the expenses as well as maintain the comfort and balance the move. There are numerous cheap movers that allure the public with several fake lucrative offers and facilities but at the completion of move some unexpected incidents occurs that can be really nerve-wracking for anyone. The victims of such unpleasant incident understands the worth of a branded moving company, the penalty of accepting and asking for low budget services can be really dreadful. Lightning Van Lines possesses the quality to undertake and fulfill the move just within a fixed rate without any hidden price.

At times to flourish the business and make more money some mover applies or implements few wrong or unethical tactics. The mesmerizing disguise of the deceitful movers is often hard to unface and anybody can fall prey to their counterfeit setup. Lightning Van Lines assures a safe trustworthy relocation with the full-fledged moving service.

The serious moving scams ought to stir concern not only of the general public but also among the decent movers like Lightning Van Lines. Movers all over the world, with all might are trying to fend off the aggravated condition and revive the ruined fame.  There are several measures taken and brand new strategies incorporated to modify and reinforce the moving services for betterment. Lightning Van Lines is not only a cheap moving company but also a quality moving service provider.

There are several disadvantages of selecting a cheap mover, on the contrary there are several advantages as well or additional benefits. Apart from the comparative low rate for the moving services, Lightning Van Lines provides quality moving services. The thrifty deal has been appreciated by several customers; the cheap moving quote option is available in the website.

Not all cheap movers can be as efficient and safe as Lightning Van Lines.

Maurice Grant has been one of the contributing writer of Lightning Van Lines also known as cheap moving services San Francisco in the recent past who has projected several important aspects of moving companies. He understood the importance of a move and hence brought out some basic important facts that are usually overlooked by most of us. According to him Lightning Van Lines is the top long distance moving company in San Jose.

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BAK BakFlip Folding Truck Bed Cover G2 Version Review

Let ‘s discuss two major challenges regarding the time-honored truck bed tonneau cover: it’s either challenging to get at stuff in the bed or they don’t provide enough security for your pickup truck bed.  BAK resolved both these age-old problems with the G2(second generation) version of the BakFlip truck bed tonneau cover.  The assembly conveniently folds back for total bed access and rear window protection, or can be flipped forward whereby concerns of theft become a veritable non-issue.

Fit your pick-up truck with the BAK BakFlip and delight in all the security of a locking hardtop and easy truck bed accessibility.  Fold the cover into its forward-most position and key-lock it into place, or flip it completely back to protect your rear windshield from accidental breakage.  Technologically ground-breaking arms secure the top when positioned against the back window. Can be purchased with options such as the BAKRak Truck Rack for most makes and models, exponentially increasing one’s hauling capacity. For total bed access, you can get rid of the whole BakFlip from your pick-up effortlessly with the turn of a few wing nuts.

One hundred percent weather-tight, BAK’s proprietary gasket material is unconcerned with inclement weather.  Your Bakflip’s designed to neither shrink nor expand with seasonal changing temperatures.  Each panel is constructed from an ABS plastic or polymer material that handles up to two-hundred pounds of evenly shared weight.  The slightly rough finish of your BAK BakFlip rivals that of most textured truck accessories found on any of today’s passenger trucks. Toughened to fend off otherwise harmful UV rays, the BakFlip won’t warp, fade, rust, corrode or crack.  Designed to accommodate the BedRug truck bed liner and tight-fitting truck bed caps and tailgate protectors.  Instead of corroded, porous metal hinges, the cover panels are attached with a seamless EPDM pliant seal made to out-live your pickup truck and still not leak.

Liberal warranty establishes the G2 version of the BakFlip truck bed cover as a must-have for 2009 and beyond.

Eric Weeks has been one of the internet’s leading experts on folding tonneau covers and, particularly, the BakFlip G2 folding tonneau cover since 2001. Visit these sites now to learn how you can take advantage of this technology that can safeguard both your vehicle and your belongings while improving your gas mileage by as much as 10 – 12%.

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BAK RollBak Tonneau Cover G2

Secure your gear under a near impenetrable solid-aluminum top finished in baked enamel. The new and improved BAK RollBAK Tonneau Cover G2 discourages potential thieves from making off with your unsecured freight, while it completely conceals untethered freight from sight. Strength and theft deterrence – a couple of exemplary conclusions to invest in a truck bed tonneau.

Each BAK RollBAK Tonneau Cover G2 is customized and entirely put together at their U.S. factory to fit your pick-up.  The delicate low-profile, flush-mount streamlined construction provides uncompromised access to your bed’s stake holes. Strong baked-on, black enamel finish, each cover panel is completely aluminum with felt-lined flipside to protect your bed rails. Hard-to-beat rail scheme allows the cover to slide back and forth with little effort all the while rendering additional protection from the elements.  Your BAK RollBAK Tonneau Cover sports a very secure installation using self-tapping screws and durable clamps. Intermittent lockable positions are available anywhere along the rail. Superior dual-latching system secures the cover on both sides simultaneously, providing a higher degree of both theft protection and weather tightness, too often concerns overlooked by the truck bed cover manufacturing industry.

Instead of just watching for parking space thieves, your BAK RollBAK truck bed cover‘s “weather proof” blueprint provides protection from the worst weather has to offer. Even with all that, this unyielding tonneau does its job with little effort providing easy truck bed access, locking into position anywhere along the rail. On top of that, its streamlined condition keeps your stake pockets open for complete versatility.

Eric Weeks has been one of the internet’s leading experts on retractable truck bed covers and, particularly, the RollBak G2 retractable tonneau cover since 2001. Visit this site now to learn how you can take advantage of this technology that can safeguard both your vehicle and your belongings while improving your gas mileage by as much as 10 – 12%.

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BAK TiltBak Hinged Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Invest in the lift-up lid everyone else wants without the unneeded bulk and weight of fiberglass or metal.  BAK’s brand-new TiltBak hinged truck bed cover furnishes the best most tonneaus offer and a whole lot more … but at a much lower 45 pound weight.

The BAK TiltBak tonneau for your pickup offers strength and durability not normally found in a 45 lb tonneau cover.  It’s customized for each specific truck and constructed using dent-repelling material with a waterproofed EPS honeycomb core.  Weighs-in at just 45lbs., making handling easy plus simple clamp-on installation and removal.  Supporting as much as 300 pounds of evenly-distributed weight, the TiltBak will not crack, fade, rust, squeak, overheat or corrode.  Resistant to gasoline, fertilizers, salts and other harmful compounds, the cover’s incorporated drainage channels water from the cover onto the ground.  Diamond tread surface for tough looks with safety latches hidden in the details.

Because it’s uniquely made along with sturdy, waterproofed EPS center, your TiltBak is manufactured to keep working right along with the rigors of work or play.  Contrary to fiberglass, this top won’t be bothered by fading or cracking. And, each TiltBak won’t overheat, rust, corrode, or squeak like the competition. The mere fact that it can carry three-hundred pounds of evenly spread-out weight should settle all bets regarding its place amongst tonneau covers and your pick-up truck.

And the best convenience factor of all?  The BAK TiltBak tonneau installs in mere moments.  Expected to take off your TiltBak because of some large freight?  Removal?  Installation?  They’re both simple procedures.  And, the lightweight forty-five pound tonneau means it’s possible for one person to both install and remove such a cover.

Eric Weeks has been one of the internet’s leading experts on hard truck bed covers and, particularly, the TiltBak hinged tonneau cover since 2001. Visit this site now to learn how you can take advantage of this technology that can safeguard both your vehicle and your belongings while improving your gas mileage by as much as 10 – 12%.

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Toyota car, truck, and SUV solutions for summer needs in Pittsburgh

Summer time in Pittsburgh is time to work outdoors. Whether you are landscaping, gardening, or building a deck, you are going to need a vehicle to transport everything. Fortunately, there is a local Pittsburgh Toyota Dealer to offer several cars, trucks, and SUVs which are capable of transporting everything you need.

New and Used Toyota Trucks

If you have some heavy duty work, Toyota offers heavy duty trucks capable of handling anything you load in them. The Toyota Tacoma offers a combination of economy and power. If you need more power than the Tacoma can provide, the Toyota Tundra is your best bet. The Tundra is one of the most powerful vehicles in its class with a 5.7 liter V8 and a 10,000-plus-pound tow rating. But Toyota trucks are all business. Both the Tundra and the Tacoma can be taken off-road, and their available 4-wheel drive can make winter driving in Pittsburgh a breeze.

Pre-Owned Toyota SUVs

• If you are looking to carry passengers as well as cargo, then you should look into Toyota’s many SUVs.

• For those looking for a SUV that does not drive like a truck, Toyota’s compact SUV is the RAV4. The FJ Cruiser is a little larger than the RAV4, and offers more off-roading capabilities.

• Toyota’s mid-size SUVs are the Highlander and the 4Runner. The Highlander is Toyota’s crossover SUV, which offers the handling of a car with the increased capacity of a SUV.

• The 4Runner is the option for those who want more size and power from an SUV. Toyota’s full size SUVs are the Sequoia and the Land Cruiser.

• The Sequoia and the Land Cruiser offer the most cargo and passenger space out of all the Toyota vehicles.

• The Land Cruiser is Toyota’s top-of-the-line SUV, delivering superb size, power, and luxury for those who desire it.

New and Used Toyota Cars in Pittsburgh

For those who are looking for a car that can still carry cargo, Toyota offers a number of hatchbacks and wagons. The Toyota Prius is well known for its ability to save gas while driving around the streets of Pittsburgh, but its hatchback gives it added utility. Another hatchback offered by Toyota is the Matrix. The Matrix offers more cargo capacity than the Prius, for a lower price. Finally, for those longing for the return of the traditional wagon, Toyota has the Venza. The Venza combines the room and comfort of a full size sedan, with the ability to carry as much cargo as a small SUV.

Pittsburgh Toyota Dealer

Whether you are buying a new or used Toyota car, truck, or SUV, there is a Pittsburgh Toyota Dealer near you. Stop in and decide which vehicle would help you the most this summer!

Pittsburgh Toyota Dealer provides Toyota car, truck, and SUV solutions for summer needs in Pittsburgh. The EPA and the US Department of Energy recognizes the New and Used Toyota Cars in Pittsburgh having safety, comfort, price and quality and thebest gas mileage of any car on the market in the 2009 Fuel Economy Guide.

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