Overview on Auto Transport

What is Auto Transport?

Auto transport means transporting of vehicles from one place to another. Instead of we driving ourselves to the destination, we can transport it through auto transport. Auto transport is cost effective and less traumatic when compared to flying across the country and travelling to the destination. Auto transport is very advantageous to the military personnel as they reside throughout the country for which they need to transport their vehicles to the desired location. Auto transport is also called as Car shipping or Vehicle shipping.

Types of auto transport:


Open auto transport means open to the elements. Open trucks are those which transport new cars to the dealership to be sold. Open carriers are cost effective when compared to closed carrier. Moreover open auto transport is the industry standard, almost 95% of all the trucks transporting cars are open trucks. Open carrier is very easy to find. This can carry 10 cars at a time as there are 10-car haulers. Open transport is sometimes not safe due to the climatic conditions but this is very rare to happen. Majority of the vehicles are transported to their destination without a scrape on them.


Enclosed auto transport means closed to all elements. Enclosed carriers are very safe to transport cars as these are not prone to unforeseen climatic conditions. This is why enclosed transport is expensive when compared to open carrier. Enclosed trucks are closed for the protection of cars. Enclosed carrier transports 2-3 cars at a time. This transport assures complete protection of the cars being transported. If you want to transport high luxury car then it is better to opt for enclosed auto transport.

TERMINAL TO TERMINAL AUTO TRANSPORT: Terminal to Terminal transport means transporting the vehicle on specific date and time. Terminals are advantageous to those people who want to assemble their vehicle on a precise date. This type of auto transport provides that once the car is shipped from one terminal to another, where it will provide with storage facility for the car until the owner collects it. We can also hire a local towing company if we are unable to collect the car from the terminal. Terminal is located in metropolitan area, which serves as a transportation heart for a specified region. Shippers can transport from these areas at a low cost mainly because the routes are established and there is a high traffic.


Door to door delivery provides that the carrier will collect and deliver to the door of the customer. This saves time and energy of the customers. Door to door transport is advantageous when compared to other types as it is not only easy but also economical. Thus door to door delivery makes more sense when the logistics of the alternatives are compared. At present majority of the auto transport companies avails door to door delivery, as this is highly demanded both in the national and the international market. Car shipping or vehicle shipping is adhering by the customers, in turn opting for door to door delivery.

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