One Option With Many ‘Green’ Advantages

?One Option With Many ‘Green’ Advantages

It is difficult to open a newspaper or article now-a-days without bumping into the phrase “”Going Green””. Which GREEN is driving the decision for change? The upgrade dollars or the environment?

Corporations want to be liked by the general public and the consumers that purchase their products, so they are jumping on the talk green bandwagon with few actually following through with real actions. It does take a much more disciplined, big picture decision maker to commit to taking on a green retrofit project when, well…all of their systems seem to be functioning just fine. In a corporate culture that is judged by its quarterly earnings and expenditures, taking on a costly upfront retrofit is hard to justify even though the ROI for such upgrades would be seen in 1 – 3 years.

Although our thinking and culture has evolved on a huge scale there is nothing new about the old argument, “”why should I spend thousands of dollars to fix something that is not broken?””

The amortized cost of the lighting systems over their life impacts the bottom line. While energy is often the largest component, energy savings between lighting systems are often off-set by higher maintenance and disposal costs, or can off-set the acquisition cost of more expensive systems.

If we highlight just one green project upgrade and look at financial impact of retrofitting a parking lot pole light with retropole a light lowering system the list of benefits is impressive:

· Slowly eliminate the super colossal bucket trucks that guzzle diesel fuel at about 1 gallon for 5 miles

· Reduce Energy Consumption – Using the same amount of energy although receiving less light due to lumen depreciation

· A lamp that is burned out is still consuming the same amount of energy as one that is burning

· Utilize the energy you are paying for by performing proactive group re-lamping in entire parking lot

· In most circumstances, there is no need for more than 2 fixtures on a parking lot pole light. Why? Lighting designers over compensate for inherently poor maintenance practices, such as a Facility Manager not calling out a bucket truck service until a significant number of the lights burn out. This practice has an impact on sales, safety and increased potential for crime.

· When field personnel operate a diesel-powered bucket truck, the truck must remain running at a work site to operate the hydraulic arm that moves the bucket with the employees lifted 20 – 30 ft. in the air.

· Just one conventional bucket truck consumes approximately 2,100 gallons of diesel fuel per year performing normal maintenance services.

· An increase in physical light fixtures located on one pole usually equates to only 10 – 15% increase in lit area but 100% increase in energy consumption.

· Retropole light lowering is Ideal for hard-to-reach areas that bucket trucks or aerial lifts are not welcome: Water Parks, Gardens, Bridges, Damns, Parking Garages, and Tennis Courts.

· Real-Time Maintenance – Immediately change a $25 lamp without calling a service

· Safely lit parking lots reduce crime.

Commercial buildings are the major source of demand for energy and materials that produce by-product greenhouse gases. Identifying the most cost-effective way to reduce emissions is getting easier with availability of innovative products on the market today. Also easier is spending fewer green dollars to commit to truly going ‘Green’.

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