Oil Change For Your Truck

Trucks need a good oil change as often as cars and vans. In fact, depending on the truck’s use, it may need a lube service more often than other vehicles. Because trucks are constantly being used for heavy-duty workloads, snowplowing, or long-distance transporting, their engines get a workout.

When an engine is constantly in use hauling heavy equipment or pulling trailers, it is forced to run harder and hotter than other engines. This means that the lubricant could be used up at a more frequent rate than in other engines. Read the recommendations from the vehicle’s manufacturer to see what they suggest for frequency of lube services.

With a diesel or gasoline-powered truck that is used for bigger workloads and heavy duty hauling, you may find that you should get an oil change at the recommended three thousand miles. We know that with smaller, lighter weight vehicles, this can be too soon. Some manufacturers suggest changing the lubricant in the vehicle around five thousand miles. Again, this may be too long for a truck in constant use.

With a truck, though, that is in constant use, three thousand might just be the magic number. It is important to keep the engine running smoothly. Your truck breaking down during the middle of a big project is just not an option. You want your truck to work just as hard as you do. So, keep track of the last time you took it in for a lube service. If you think you could go beyond three thousand miles on a recent oil change, keep track of the mileage and the vehicle’s performance.

If your truck is new to you and you haven’t yet taken it to a mechanic, ask friends, neighbors and co-workers for any recommendations for good shops. You want to find a shop that generally deals with trucks. They will have the right equipment to ensure that a good lube service can be done. Because of the size of heavy-duty diesel and work performance grade trucks, the shops need larger lifts and equipment to accommodate them.

If none of your friends have recommendations for mechanics that are handy with trucks, do a little research on shops in your area. You may be able to find something in your community that comes with Better Business Bureau accreditation. It is important to schedule an appointment with a mechanic you trust to do a quality lube service.

Your regular mechanic may be able to accommodate your new truck. Talk with them and get their opinion on whether or not their shop would be a good fit. Your trucks engine runs just the same as other smaller cars, so any mechanic can replace the lubricant and filter. It is just a matter of whether they can accommodate the size of your vehicle in their shop.

An oil change for your truck shouldn’t be any different then a lube and filter service for smaller cars. Check with your mechanic and schedule an appointment today.

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