New Ways To Stop Diesel Fuel Theft

Diesel fuel theft cost companies and truck owners valuable dollars that increase their overhead and reduce their profitability. Diesel fuel when found in large quantities such as in large trucks or construstion equipment could be worth over $1,000 per tank. If you are not protecting your fuel investment, you could find yourself running low on fuel and profits. There are ways to protect your investments, and Diesel Keeper has created one of the best solutions yet.

DIESEL Keeper kicked off with a flood of purchase requests at the 2009 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Texas, where it introduced its diesel anti-siphon product range.

The range of products is designed to protect every drop of diesel from the time it is pumped to the time that it is burned in the engine.  We are particularly excited about the patent-pending ASD range of products that protects diesel from siphon access through the fuel tank inlet, says Sam Cloete, CEO of DIESEL Keeper. ASD is the anti-siphon device that fits directly on diesel tanks of heavy trucks and yellow equipment.

The ASD installs with specially designed snap off screws or one-way installation arms to prevent the unit from being taken out by would-be fuel thieves.  The DIESEL Keeper ASD, or Anti-Siphon Device, is critical to prevent diesel fuel theft.

Many fleet managers and owner operators were excited to learn that they could get anti-siphon peace of mind at a cost less than that of one tank of fuel!  Non-removable drain-plugs and non-removable banjo fittings and steel-reinforced fuel hoses work together to protect just about every drop of fuel.

The DIESEL Keeper ASD design is unique in that each device comes with two anti-siphon security grids, one on the top and one on the bottom. Each unit also comes with flow slots that are engineered to be precisely small enough to not allow a siphoning tube through, while maximizing the flow rate at the pump with the help of a filler neck extension. The result is unrivalled performance and security you can trust.

We were excited to have had a booth at the 2009 GATS to introduce our product range. ” We did not expect the almost overwhelming demand for our product – we are sold out for the next three weeks as a direct result of showcasing our product offering at GATS! Customers noted the quality of the stainless steel construction and ease of use.  And we also got some highly valued feedback that will allow us to continually improve what we have to offer,” says Sam.

DIESEL Keeper ASD is designed to be the ultimate in diesel fuel security and efficiency now you can stop diesel theft and prevent diesel siphoning.  Keep your diesel with DIESEL Keeper.

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