New Vw Amarok High Wycombe

Diesel pick ups are the favorite mode of transport in the recovering Asian market, specifically in Thailand and Malaysia. The Asians do love their pick up trucks as it can perform the duties of family car and cargo hauler in a relatively sleek and mean package. The new VW Amarok aims to compete head on with class leading competitiors including the Mitsubishi Triton/Strada, Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navarra. Readers with a keen sense for details will be quick to stat that the Amarok is heading into unchartered territory dominated by popular Japanese manufacturers. Worthy of consideration is the Ford Ranger and is propelled by familiar high tech diesel engines that boast of new injection technology popularly called CRDI.

CRDI or common rail direct injection enables the familiar diesel lump to achieve maximum power and torque while still remaining refined and quiet enough compared to old diesels of yore. The new VW Amarok boasts of 400NM of torque from the bi-turbo diesel version. It provides huge amounts of power and torque while still capable of achieving a claimed 8L/100km in normal sedate driving. The 4WD system is designed to tackle the harshest terrain while allowing you to haul a maximum weight of 1000kg.

The front combines the familiar Volkswagen face with modern utility and provides a handsome stance even when standing still. The design carries on to the rear and is highlighted by the attractive rear light cluster. It is available in single cab and double cab versions that makes well adept at heavy duty jobs. new VW Amarok High Wycombe will provide you with a test drive unit so you can assess the talented abilities of this new pick up truck from Volkswagen. When in the need for a modern and thrifty pick up that still manages to look good even when not covered in dirt then the Amarok is the right vehicle for you.

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