New Snow Plow lighting by Edgeolite -for 2010

Edgeolite a Safety Light Company here in the USA , has just introduced the new series 1008A
For Snowplow Safety and Snowplow Bling all in one. Great for 2010

It is a Great introduction for the New Year for snow plow operators as well as anyone driving the on dark wintry roads.
They are really taking safety to the edge with this cool new product. We are small company with some great ideas that our customers appreciate. Says Donofrio.

Because the people we employ and deal with are snow plowers, truckers and heavy equipment operators, we execute product design with more of a hands on approach with our in field experience’s and a little less text book knowledge.

The 1008A is a great new twist to a product we developed last year that the DOT is using. This product is currently only available from us with a special material coating that enables these units to be used as reflectors and lights while
taking some impact during snowplowing. It can easily be installed on any snowplow for additional lighting and can simply be hooked into the marker lights or signal lights systems on your truck for instant snowplow bling.

This device keeps you and oncoming drivers and vehicles safer by illuminating your plows outer edges and allowing clear Safe passage avoiding dangerous and deadly collisions.

Add some snow plow safety to your plow equipment today and contact edgeolite today. Be the first to Light up your plow With this easy to install LED snow plow lights.

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