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We all know how much brand new bucket trucks can cause. The rates of the prices are so high and at times can definitely affect the capital of business. Now the solution can be found through the company I-80 equipment company.

This company focuses on reconditioning used bucket trucks as if they were brand new. If you are currently starting out a business you should absolutely take a look at their different trucks that can help you start out on the right foot.

Their trucks can help out in different aspects and industries such as telecommunications, forestry, tree and utilities. With heir wide variety of trucks, it is certain that you will find the right one for you.  They also have diggers and grapple trucks just to name a few more. I-80 equipment is making sure that they touch almost all the needs for their products, that is why they have a wide array to choose from.

The company makes sure that all of their trucks are well inspected and at the same time passes the standards to work very well and have ideal performance. This will make any customer feel comfortable in getting their trucks because even if it refurbished, you are getting them like new. The quality of their products is very important for I-80 equipment and takes pride of giving only the best refurbished trucks. <a target=”_blank” href=””>altec bucket trucks</a>

I-80 Equipment Company offers different brands of trucks also. They have brands such as altec, Hi-Ranger, Lift-All, Terex, Versalift and Duralift. There are a lot more brands available so when you come visit their website you will have a very good selection. This adds on to the value of their trucks on top of the 17 years of experience of this company in refurbishing trucks and giving only excellence for their customers.

If you want your own custom made truck I-80 can also provide you with that. That is great because your trucks can match every specific need of a business or industry to your liking. This is great because, the truck can be precise on the job making it more effective for the business. This is such a great company that puts customers first as they understand and want to help them especially if they are just starting out. I-80 offers 100% financing so that the trucks can be much more affordable. You can go check out their website so you can see the full inventory of trucks.

I80 Equipment offers a professional sale hotline service and is always ready and willing to discuss any aspect of the trucking industry with you. Give them a call or log onto today.

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