Mud Bogging: The Growing Sport Of Rural America

When you grow up country, you find yourself with a need to get creative in terms of how to entertain yourself. You might not have all the luxuries of living in a downtown metropolis, and so you have to find unique ways to keep yourself occupied and challenged. A lot of times these activities stem from boredom and a fearless approach to getting seriously dirty. I’m sure that’s how mud bogging got started. Unsure what that is? Let me fill you in.

There are many things you need to know to fully understand all this sport has to offer. For instance, you need to understand that to those that participate, this is a sport. Other things that will be addressed within this article are: what mud bogging actually is and how you should go about getting a good mudder. Which means, how to get a vehicle in shape to mud bog.

As was earlier stated, mud bogging is a year round sport in some areas of the country. Obviously winter weather could be a hindrance to the production of mud and therefore northern states make it a more seasonal affair. But there are many different mud bogs throughout a given year in which those who like to get some mud on their tires can get out there and prove who has the best means to tear through the mud.

Mud bogging requires two things: powerful engines and a pit of mud. This mud usually forms a long trench for the off road trucks to try and pass through. The trenches range from anywhere from 1/8 of a mile to a mile, judging on where the bogging is actually taking place and how many people are coming out to watch it. If you have ever lived in the country enough to know what mud bogging is, you certainly know that it’s as popular of a spectator sport as it is a competitive one.

In order to win a mud bog, you have to complete the course. Usually this means just getting in and out of the trench without the need of assistance. Very often, few vehicles will make it through the trench, so it’s easy to determine the winner if only one truck sees the other side. If you are stuck, you are pulled from the running. Unless of course no one makes it to the other side, which means the winner is who makes it the farthest in the trench. If more than one truck makes it to the other side without assistance, the winner is determined by who did so the fastest.

If you are considering competing in a bog, you have to have the right equipment. This means you have to get a vehicle that can pull you through the trench without blowing itself up. This usually means you need a jeep or a truck; they have strong engines and high rise bodies. Most say not high enough, though, as many mud bogging specialists would encourage new comers to “jack ’em up”. Meaning, get a lift kit and put on some oversized tires to shred through even the deepest ditches.

Mud bogging is usually only competing for bragging rights, and every once and a while a wager or community pool taken among the racers and spectators. This keeps the sport grounded and still fairly wholesome.

Well, it might not be as big as football or baseball, but mud bogging certainly has its place in American sporting. Whether it’s the thrill of the throttle or the slew of mud being hurled through the air from churning tires, something keeps people excited about bogging.

Sometimes when you grow up in the country, you have to be creative when it comes to entertainment. This activity is better known as mud bogging to those who do it. Mud bogging may never be as large as football, but it has a place among outdoor enthusiasts.

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