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Relocation of your office can be a tiresomely long affair which calls for a great deal of attention and care throughout the process. Right from the start you have to group the various stuffs in different categories, like the files and folders, the stationary goods and then the furniture, etc, pack them up into different boxes and hire trucks to shift them to your new office address. If you are presently facing relocation and it is taking away your nights sleep then dont waste any more time and give a call to the Mover NY.

The New York Movers possesses a specialised set of moving techniques for office relocations

Specialised Equipments

We take special care while transferring the official files and folders; try our best to maintain the order of their arrangement throughout the moving process. The glass covers on desks and the lamps and other fragile articles of the tables are packed in thermocol or cushion stuffed boxes in a way that there is no risk or breaking involved all throughout the work of shifting them. Our men are specially trained to move the porcelain vases and other decorative items in your office in one piece and 97.8% of our customers have been fully satisfied by our services in this regard as of yet. We are striving hard for zero customer complaints.

With us, you are going to get a variety of moving services and we customise our way of working to suit to the best of your needs and specifications. We have special office moving boxes for your purpose. There are advanced hoisting techniques fitted with our trucks which are specially designed to lift and unload desks, chairs, sofas and large wooden tables. We have skilled staffs here, who are able to dismantle and rejoin folding furniture if required.

Logistics facilities
At New York Moving Company, we maintain our own set of trucks which are fitted with heavy duty lift gates, tolls and other equipments to benefit lifting of heavy furniture. Our trucks are inspected and cleaned up on a daily basis. The moving pads are washed at the laundry every week. We have a valid local and interstate license and insurance issued by the Department of Transportation which speaks highly of our logistic potential and reliability as a moving agency in itself. Plus, you also get a dedicated team of 2 to 3 guys with each truck for long distance or interstate cost moving from the start to the end of the task. For long distance moves, we dont require hiring trucks or workmen from other local contractors and we have the capability of at least three days of moving turnaround by ourselves. Last but not the least, unlike other movers of New York, we mostly run our trucks on bio diesel fuel and contribute in our own way to keep our planet pollution free.

Specially trained staffs
Before hiring any individual for field work, we make sure to check his past criminal records and provide him a thorough training in packing and moving. This strict work rules help us maintain an efficient set of staffs, who are experienced to complete their work in spick and span.

You dont require making any initial deposits and we give you all your costs upfront right in the beginning. For further details, go through New York Movers

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