Maintaining a Vehicle After the Warranty Expires

You had a warranty on your car and it has expired. Chances are you got numerous warnings in the mail from the company supplying the coverage. You probably got lots of notices from the dealer where you bought the car also. But a lot of people choose to let the warranty coverage expire because they can be expensive or they tell themselves the car has run so well to date that expense of warranty coverage is really not necessary.

Unfortunately people don’t realize that regular auto maintenance becomes even more important when the warranty expires. You will have to pay for all parts and labour expenses if your car breaks down because there are no longer any “covered” components. All costs related to repairing your car are now coming out of your pocket.

Another way to look at this situation is that you now supply your own “warranty coverage”. If you don’t want repair expenses to get out of control then it’s important to keep your car well maintained.

Staying Faithful to Your Car

When the car was under warranty, chances are you were faithful about getting the oil changed and the hoses checked for wear and tear or loose connections. Most cars under warranty will go into the shop for maintenance every so many kilometres, because owners want to make sure all possible problems are uncovered so the warranty contract will cover the cost of repairs. All too often when the warranty expires, the routine maintenance stops.

It would be nice if a vehicle remained new as long as you owned it. But the fact is a vehicle ages, parts wear out, and components and systems break down. The good news is that cars manufactured today are made with high tech heat and friction resistant materials. All that is required in order to avoid many breakdowns and to slow down the aging process of a vehicle is to establish a regular maintenance program.

When you become your own personal warranty service, it’s important to maintain your car once the warranty expires. One of the reasons people don’t get around to giving their vehicles the necessary maintenance is due to lack of time. That is where Mobile Car Care can help.

Saving Money

Mobile mechanics in fully equipped vans can do regular maintenance on single vehicles or a whole fleet of vehicles. Mobile vehicle maintenance services can save businesses thousands of dollars in potential fleet repair expenses.

Basic and in-depth maintenance that can keep your car running problem free for years include the following.

* Change fluids including oil and transmission fluid
* Grease essential components
* Change filters
* Replace belts
* Check engine hoses
* Change spark plugs
* Check brakes
* Check shocks
* Check tires
* Check air conditioner

Just like an auto warranty repair shop, the mobile mechanic can perform all the maintenance on a vehicle normally completed every 10,000 kms and a more comprehensive 50,000 kms and beyond check. Fuel filter changes, in-depth tune-ups, transmission maintenance, and so on, can easily be completed by Mobile Car Care.

Regular maintenance on your vehicle can extend the life of your vehicle and prevent major breakdowns. That is why most warranties require proof you performed essential maintenance on your vehicle in order for the warranty to remain in effect. Once the warranty expires, all that changes is the fact you will have to pay for covered repairs. The warranty expiring does not change the fact the vehicle needs maintenance. Many of what were once covered repairs can be avoided simply by continuing your maintenance program.

Mobile Car Care is a fully trained Mobile Mechanics and Auto Electricians servicing company. Our Mobile Mechanic Service Units are fully equipped to perform all car repairs, auto electrical repairs, and car, commercial and 4WD service. For more information, visit Mobile Mechanics.

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