Ludwig Kakumei

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Ludwig Revolution
?????????(R?dovihhi Kakumei)
Horror, romance
Kaori Yuki
Other publishers:
Carlsen Comics Planet Manga Tonkam Daiwon C.I.
Hana to Yume BetsuHana
Original run
1999 2007
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Ludwig Revolution (????????? ,R?dovihhi Kakumei?) is a gothic horror sh?jo manga by Kaori Yuki. The story tells about Prince Ludwig who is ordered by his father to find himself a wife more suitable than the women he often brings into the castle. Along with his servant Wilhelm, they travel across the land in search of fair maidens from classic stories in hopes of finding Ludwig a wife.
Volume 1
Chapter 1: Snow White
Blanche is a beautiful princess with skin white as snow, lips red as a rose and more beautiful than her mother. While she seems innocent on the outside, she is actually a conniving whore who seduces anyone to gain more power. Her mother, the queen, tries to have her killed, but she escapes to the cottage of the seven dwarves. After various attempts to kill Blanche prove unsuccessful, she gives her a poisoned apple. Blanche apparently dies, and is discovered by Ludwig, who spirits her corpse back to his kingdom. An accident revives Blanche and they are arranged to be married. Blanche seduces Ludwig’s father, the king, and takes revenge against her mother. Ludwig confronts her, and Blanche dies in an attempt to kill him.
Chapter 2: Little Red Riding Hood
Lisette is a childhood friend of Will and resents Ludwig for his harsh treatment of him. One day, Lisette’s parents send her to her grandmother’s house in the forest to deliver food to her. Following the lead of an apparently alterred sign, she arrives at the burned remains of a cottage in the darkest parts of the forest. A wolf speaks to her from the trees and tells her that her parents have sacrificed both her and her grandmother to him in exchange for bags of gold. Lisette flees the forest and returns home to find that, indeed, her parents do suddenly have the bags of gold. She murders them with an axe, and is forced to flee the country, swearing vengeance on Ludwig. It is later revealed that Ludwig was the one who orchestrated the charade, using a taxidermy wolf from the castle.
Chapter 3: Sleeping Beauty
Ludwig journeys to a land where a princess sleeps and has been sleeping for over a hundred years. On the way there, Ludwig finds a pocketwatch in a field. The townspeople try to turn him away from the castle, saying that no one has ever returned alive from there. That night, Ludwig dreams of the field from before with a lovely girl playing in it. The two antagonize each other, until the girl, who reveals her name to be Idike, banishes Ludwig from the dream. The next day, Ludwig proceeds to the castle, where the witch who cursed the princess to sleep tries to warn him away. It is revealed that Idike is actually the princess Friederike asleep in the castle. Ludwig convinces her to let go of her sorrow and awaken in the real world, but their happiness together is short-lived, as Idike dies of old age as soon as she wakes.
Chapter 4: Bluebeard
Ludwig finds himself infatuated with a young noble’s beautiful daughter(‘s breasts), but discovers she is already engaged to another noble by the name of Bluebeard to be his seventh bride. Ludwig decides to steal the girl away from Bluebeard, but is instead taken in as his new bride. Bluebeard seems not to notice his fiance is suddenly a man, taking Ludwig’s beautiful looks to be those of a ‘beautiful queen’. Ludwig discovers that Bluebeard’s beard is actually fake, and that Bluebeard adopt a much harsher persona when wearing the beard as opposed to his weaker demeanor without it. Bluebeard gives Ludwig just one rule: do not open the door to the inner-most room of the castle. Despite this, Bluebeard promts Ludwig to open the door on several occasions until Ludwig finally does. It is revealed that Bluebeard killed and stuffed all of his previous wives for telling him to stop hiding behind his beard. Ludwig helps him find closure, but he is killed in a failed attempt to assassinate Ludwig.
Volume 2
Chapter 5: Rapunzel
A beautiful girl named Rapunzel, whose hair was never cut, was taken away by a fairy at birth since her father had agreed to it, if he could have rapunzel (lettuce) for his pregnant wife to eat. Rapunzel is mean and foul-mouthed, and doesn’t seem to be very same Rapunzel in the fairy tale.
Chapter 6: Maid Maleen
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