Lpg Diesel Truck Conversions

The majority of trucks in the country run on nothing but Diesel, in fact 70% of the diesel consumption in Australia is from Trucks. However as fuel prices are becoming more and more expensive people are starting to look for alternatives.

One alternative is LPG , however most systems add the LPG before the turbocharger. This is never a good idea because the turbo can get extremely hot, if there was one tiny hole it could set the whole thing on fire! The D-Gas system however uses a different system, the LPG fuel is injected directly into the engine manifold. This avoids the danger of sending a flammable liquid through a red hot turbocharger.

Your truck however will always be dependant on diesel, at least partly. The LPG is used to make the combustion of the Diesel much more efficient. I’m sure you’ve seen clouds of black smoke coming out the back of diesel trucks in the past, this black smoke is actually fuel which has not been burnt. By using any LPG system is improves the combustion and so reduces the black smoke almost completely.

The D-Gas system is very easy to use, everything is automatic. If you run out of LPG fuel then the system automatically turns itself off and you run on regular diesel. When you refill the LPG tank you will automatically experience the benefits of LPG. There is also a manual switch if you want to switch the system off for whatever reason. Every instillation has a control panel placed inside the cab where the driver can control the system.

What’s even better is that the D-Gas system is pretty much maintenance free, it has no moving parts which means it doesn’t really require any extra maintenance than normal.

LPG is a liquid when in compressed form, however if this gets into the engine then it can cause engine failure. A vaporiser is used in these systems to turn the liquid back into a gas which is then injected into the engine. Your trucks ECU will realise that you are getting extra power from somewhere and regulate the injection system accordingly. This should make it possible to run partly on diesel, and partly on LPG . This not only saves you money, but is also much better for the environment!

The D-Gas system has been designed in Australia for the Australian market using the very best parts that are available. This means that it is one of the most reliable systems out there and should last for a very long time to come. Commercial users of LPG systems may be applicable for government rebates, so it’s worth checking before installing to see if you can justify installing one of these systems. Depending on the amount of mileage you do each year one of these systems could save you an awful lot of money in the long run! LPG is much cheaper than diesel, and looks like it is set to stay that way for at least the foreseeable future.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/corporate-articles/lpg-diesel-truck-conversions-611384.html

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D-GAS is committed to alternative fuels not only for engine optimisation and environmental gains but also for the inevitable cost savings in view of the ever increasing price of more traditional fuels.

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