Line Engine Companies Have Baked Scr Country Into The Mainstream – Diesel – Construction Machinery

2010 1 1 against July 1, in accordance with national Car Emission regulations, China will start heavy and light vehicles State emission standards. Although there is uncertainty whether the final implementation, but it certainly came in response to the discharge upgrade, the domestic Engine Business plan ahead, to speed up launch of products to meet the state standards .

And 2008, the two mainstream State Line?? Pressure of Track And inline pump + EGR?? On the contrary, mainstream heavy Diesel engine Enterprises in the country routes are chosen in this line of high-pressure common rail + scr.

Heavy and light machine route different
"Select national currently available emission control technology, there are three routes, namely, SCR (selective catalytic reduction), EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) + DOC (oxidation catalyst) + POC (particulate catalytic oxidation reactor) and the EGR + DOC + DPF (particulate trap). while the SCR is currently the country with heavy vehicles Diesel engine The best option. "In the end of November 2009 organized by the China Automotive Industry Forum, the Guangxi Yuchai Engineering Research Institute, said Dr. Numerical Simulated.

EGR + DPF States has launched the China Heavy Truck Engine , 2010 business also officially released the annual meeting of the country technical routes on the basis of the common rail, taken after the SCR of the exhaust gas treatment, in order to achieve national emission standards.

Similarly, Weifang, the wood stakeholders also said that their country emission control technology will also use high-pressure common-rail line, + SCR route.

This, Numerical Simulated explained: "In for a long time, diesel fuel sulfur content will affect the emissions control technology the most important factor in route choice. SCR catalytic converter exhaust after-treatment system is the most reliable system, sulfur is relatively insensitive, and the lowest percentage of nitrogen dioxide emissions, on the vehicle's cooling system does not create additional burden on oil performance without special requirements. By contrast, DOC needs less sulfur 50ppm diesel; use POC method, nitrogen dioxide emissions to increase, and there appears a tendency to smoke intermittently, especially in the vehicle to accelerate the process. Meanwhile, EGR exhaust gas will increase Parts Corrosion and wear. "

Countries with heavy-duty diesel line "one-sided" model is different from the national light diesel line is very rich, mainly EGR + DOC, EGR + POC, and EGR + DPF of three. Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine has told Cao Xiaofeng, director of commercial vehicle journalists: "line of the existing technology research and development we are doing, because the cost of each method is different, different calibration schedule, technical route which does not determine access to government approval . Based on these factors, we can not ignore every line. At the same time, ensure that enterprises can do so at any time if necessary transformation. "

Kunming Yun Yong-Zhong Yang, General Manager within the Power Corporation also agrees to this: "Other technologies used diesel engine business line we also have. Technology can not only biased in favor of a route, if route choice error, it will lose market . "

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