Liaoning Core Technology Of Fresh Air To Seize The Commanding Heights Of Diesel Engine – Diesel

Core technology of a diesel engine to seize the commanding heights of the national project in Liaoyang County, on a floor show strong growth: the introduction of three-year project, linking the implementation of expansion projects with a total investment of 4.8 billion. This is the Enterprise Group in Liaoning heavily to introduce fresh air, digestion and absorption, connecting innovative high pressure common rail diesel fuel injection technology projects. Right now, the second phase of the project has entered the equipment installation and commissioning phase, a new round of recruitment is under way. The projects are all put into production, annual production of 200 million units, sales of 14 billion yuan, China's largest high-pressure common rail fuel injection diesel engine production base.

2006, the Liaoning Xinfeng Group with extraordinary courage and decisive decision-making, investment 50 million yuan and the world entered the new equipment giant Liebherr Group, electronically controlled diesel fuel injection system??? High-pressure common-rail technology transfer contract, got a number of German companies in the world patented technology project, the world's first five master the technology business. The technology is recognized as a breakthrough in the 20th century one of the three internal combustion engine can be widely used in national defense and civilian. As the high pressure common rail fuel system, efficient, dynamic and strong, energy-saving than traditional diesel 30%, a diesel engine to Euro , emission requirements in Europe the main technical support.

Introduction of technology, the new air group did not stop there, but keep digestion and absorption, innovation and open, to initiate charge higher goals. Group has 6 doctors from abroad, more than 20 graduate students, established as a provincial-level R & D center to move research and development technology company. Project floor just more than a year, they have complete control of the complete set of high-pressure common rail technology, at the same time the number to the Chinese diesel engine performance improvement and innovation, made more than 20 national patents. The project to fill the gap, the country's technological level in this area suddenly elevated to the international advanced level. The provincial government as the project "Eleventh Five" major development projects.

With the technology becoming more perfect and mature, our products have passed the cold Mohe in Heilongjiang test, adopted in Qinghai and Tibet Plateau, the ultimate high temperature performance tests, environmental indicators environmental certification by the State. In 2008, the group's light and medium pressure common-rail technology products to participate in the Eighth China International Fair combustion engines and parts, just one appearance, caused widespread concern, as the industry a "black horse."

Products come out, the have to flapping towards diesel and other diesel engine with pilot, currently working on a cloud, Yuchai, Mianyang and other enterprises to do with the product test, and has been JAC light truck on the loading road test, At the same time also supply small quantities. At the same time, the company co-operation with the Mianyang, Sichuan Province, launched a national "863" sedan Chai Europe R & D program.

Now, high-pressure common rail system in Liaoning fresh air all the parts are made, and its industrial assembly and driving becomes increasingly important. As has 186 parts of the system, in addition to 60 core components produced by the enterprises themselves, the other components by Liaoyang, Shenyang, Anshan, Dalian, and machining production, an emerging industry clusters with high-voltage Formation of common-rail project is developing so fast.

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