Kenworth Semi Trucks for Sale

Kenworth is the leading trucking company in the manufacturing sector of Heavy and medium duty trucks. The company was formed in 1923 and since then s a huge entity in the industries. There are as many as 290 dealer locations only in the US and Canada. There are numerous branches and units in different parts of the world contributing heavily in the trucking industries growth.

The peculiar specialty of Kenworth Trucks is the PACCAR Engines 2010 Technology. Kenworth is adding SCR technology to the engines that are capable of reducing the emissions and to reduce the environmental nuisance from the world. Kenworth is making some sincere efforts to create the trucks that can suit the nature and can use reduced fuel and emit reduced smoke in the nature. Kenworth has created diesel-hybrid engines that will relieve the gas usage of the people and also that can make big senses in the money saving approach of the people.

Other major trucks produced are the Kenworth Hybrid Trucks that are having dual facilities of using engines as below 30 mpg, the engine uses diesel and electricity combination and above that ratio, the truck behaves just like the standard diesel vehicle. This truck saves almost 30% of the fuel economy while starting and closing applications by using the most efficient engine. This is the reason of having the company leading in the industries. Also the company has produced fascinating models like the Liquefied Natural Gas Truck, the off-climate Kenworth Clean-power system and many more aerodynamic and fuel efficient trucks. Driver Information Center in the Kenworth Trucks is one of the rarest features of the trucking industries as no one uses this comfort and fuel efficient alertness to offer to the driver!!

Kenworth T-2000 is the highest selling semi trucks for sale and they are having ample of features like the hyper air suspension with the automatic Gearbox. Gearbox is also available in the manual form. The machines of the trucks are having ABS and engine breaks facilities in the trucks. The engines are of the latest and innovative 2010 technological equipments with diesel, turbo and intercooler facilities. Even the cabins of the trucks are having huge worth as the facilities of the trucks include Super space for 2 sleepers, Power steering, Air conditioners, seat heaters, cruiser controls and powered windows. There are two fuel tanks in this truck.  

So, these and many more features are waiting for you to make the selection and to have the most happening features of trucking industries. Have the Kenworth semi trucks for sale!!

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