Keep On Trucking, With Hong Kong Vehicles Built For Toughness

We’re most used to hearing the name ‘Mercedes-Benz’ in connection with racing or with executive luxury. Few people realize the true breadth of the Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong vehicle range, which covers not only sedans and convertibles, but also MPVs, passenger vans, off-roaders and the G-wagons which are used for military purposes across the world! Trucks are another specialty of Mercedes-Benz, and today we check out the top 5 trucks in Hong Kong, from Mercedes-Benz as well as other respected manufacturers of Hong Kong new cars and trucks.

1. Mercedes-Benz Actros
These Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong vehicles are designed for the biggest and toughest jobs. Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks come with a choice of nine different engines, in either V6 or V8, ranging from 235kW to 440kW, and with a maximum of a massive 2800nm of torque at 1080rpm. Like all of Mercedes-Benz’s Hong Kong trucks, the Actros has a highly efficient Bluetec diesel engine, the same technology which has been extensively marketed in the company’s ordinary passenger cars … though in trucks as Hong Kong vehicles, the Bluetec systems make a massive difference to overall fuel consumption and therefore profitability of the Hong Kong truck. The Telligent sequential shift gearbox significantly reduces wear and tear on the gearbox of the Actros, and the typical Mercedes-Benz attention to detail in the cab means that this Hong Kong truck model is regarded as the gold standard for long-haul trips.

2. Mercedes-Benz Axor
This Hong Kong vehicle model is especially suitable for fleet purposes, mid- to long-distance haulage, and short trips with heavy duty requirements. The Axor has most of the same advantages as the Actros. Axors are low-weight, which contributes to the excellent fuel economy of the Bluetec engine, and Axors also come with Telligent gearboxes as standard. The Axor also integrates both active and passive safety systems, including standard-fitted clear-lens headlamps and exterior mirrors with a reduced blind spot.

3. Mercedes-Benz Atego
These lighter Hong Kong trucks are built for use in tight spots, smaller roads and any other light duty and short radius applications. Ategos are also built with Bluetec engines and Telligent gearboxes, but have an additional engine start/stop system that cuts fuel costs further – so you don’t have to watch your profits draining away as the red needle moves to the left while waiting at the traffic lights!

4. Mitsubishi Fuso Canter
These light trucks are in the same class as the Hong Kong Mercedes-Benz Ategos, but utilize a hybrid engine instead of the revolutionary Mercedes Bluetec clean diesel. These also provide excellent fuel economy standards, in most cases providing a 20% economy boost over similar diesel or petrol models.

5. Hyundai HD Trucks
The HD range of Hong Kong vehicles is designed for light and medium haulage applications, and while they are from a less than popular manufacturer, they have quite a range of impressive features. The semi-floating cab makes for a comfortable ride, gearboxes have advanced triple-cone synchronizers, and the F-series engines are one of the more economical petrol driven engines around.

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As one of the world’s most exciting and prestigious brand,Mercedes Benz Hong Kong offers luxury passenger cars in Hong Kong and Macau.

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