Jacked Up Trucks

?Jacked Up Trucks

Jacked up trucks have been around as a trend in vehicles for quite some time now. More people than ever before are taking an interest in the look of jacked up trucks and appreciating it for its appearance and sound. If you are one of the many people who have thought of doing this to your own vehicle but are not quite sure how, you will be pleased to know that there are only a few simple steps involved.

Lift Kits for Jacked Up Trucks

To get started, you need to purchase a lift kit. You can get all the different supplies and tools you need separately but a body lift kit or suspension lift kit will probably be your best bet. This way you get everything you need to install higher tires for the best price and to help make it as easy on yourself as possible.

Before jacking up your truck you need to remove the nuts of the body support blocks, remove the coolant radiator tank and detach all the fuel lines. This is for safety purposes because you do not want to put yourself in a dangerous situation when working on your truck. Next you need to disconnect the brake lines.

Jacked Up Truck Basics

Once you have finished this, you take the jack and use this to raise up your truck. It should attach onto the body of the truck as this is what you want to raise. You can now take off the tires and install the new, larger tires that are going to jack up the truck and keep it up at a higher height from the ground. If you have a coil spring truck you should place the jack on the coil spring pockets in the front and a set on the trailing arm in the back.

This is the best method because it is most secure and will ensure it stays where you want it while you are working away on it. Basically any truck can be jacked up, although the larger and older models tend to be the most challenging. It can be hard to attain a proper balance when working on a larger truck but after getting started and getting to try your hand at it you will get used to it.

Jacked Up Trucks Aren’t Easy

If you find that you are having trouble on your own, there is nothing wrong with calling in some professional help. You can hire a mechanic for even just an hour or so (or longer if need be) to help you jack up your truck. If you are lucky enough you may have even have a friend or family member who will help you out as a favor.

The look of a jacked up 4×4 truck is really something special and does not take that long at all. These are the basic steps involved in jacking it up yourself but remember that if you need help you should get it. The last thing you want is to end up damaging your truck or even worse hurting yourself while attempting to do this.

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