Is Your HGV Driving Job Recession-Proof?

With the recession affecting almost every household across the country, youngsters are wondering about the safest careers to go into considering the current economic climate. Many professional jobs and office jobs are no longer guaranteed to last since companies are going under and consumers are cutting back spending. There are, however, a few options. There are some jobs that are recession proof, and one of them is HGV driving.

HGV driving is a recession proof job for a few reasons. Firstly, no matter what happens, people will always need goods. Be this vegetables and fruits, or clothes and home items. There is always going to be the requirement to move these around which means that there will always be the requirement for trucks and heavy goods vehicles. Therefore, there is no need for HGV drivers to worry since their jobs are safe, even in this economy.

Another reason for the job safety is the new stimulus packages that all governments are rolling out to help the economy get back on its feet. As a result of these, many new buildings and houses are being built, which means that construction material needs to be taken from Point A to Point B. This means that the construction sites need HGV drivers.

HGV driving also has its benefits. Firstly, the job pays much more than the average job you can find. Over the last few years, it has been recorded that HGV driving pays more than the national annual average wage. This is great news, especially in a slowing economy, since not only are you guaranteed job safety, but you’re also earning more than the average worker.

HGV driving also comes with flexible work hours. You can work as much, or as little, as you want. You can take on jobs that will take you far away from your city, or stay in the city. The flexibility in this job is especially great for people with young children who do not want to be away from them for too long.

Finally, HGV drivers also get good health and insurance packages. This means that besides having a recession proof job, you also get health and insurance benefits, as well as get to choose your own hours. Why would anyone not want to be a HGV driver?
Well, there are some reasons why people shy away from this career. Firstly, it can take you far away from family if you choose jobs that are far away. Of course, that is dependent on you and the jobs you choose to take on. However, many people do not take up a job in the HGV industry for this reason.

Overall, in this economy, this is one of the few recession proof jobs, so if you are thinking about a career, this may be the right step for you to take. You will need to pass an HGV driving test before you can drive a heavy goods vehicle, but once you have that you can start earning money and travelling the country.

J. Mikula is a business writer and consultant.

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