Is a Diesel Car Better Than a Petrol Car

?Is a Diesel Car Better Than a Petrol Car?

I personally have owned a good deal of diesel powered cars in my time and over the years they have definitely gotten better. Like myself if you have owned a diesel car you will no doubt shave already seen the advantages that the diesel engine car has. A diesel car normally has a lot more torque and the fuel economy is vastly better along with the low maintenance of a diesel powered car. Diesel engines are a lot more hard wearing and robust and these are just some of the qualities of owning a diesel car.

So for every person that likes a diesel car there is sure to be one that hates them. People still complain that they don’t have enough power especially when accelerating from a stand still however a diesel car can easily be tuned to give better performance without even harming the fuel economy. Diesel cars used to be noisy rattly smelly things but the modern diesel car is very quiet clean and because of modern environmental issue they have to be clean as well.

Diesel engines don’t need spark plugs because they use air compression as opposed to a normal petrol engine which uses fuel and air mixture. So because the need for spark plugs is not there they don’t need them now this is probably not an obvious advantage, however if you take your petrol car to the garage for a service you will be familiar with the need to have plugs and leads changed at regular intervals so without plugs there are no leads to change, money saving already.

Diesel as a fuel has a much higher density compared to petrol this is what gives diesel cars a much better fuel economy well experts estimate that it’s about 25% better fuel economy than a normal petrol car. There are two more advantages of a diesel car over a petrol car and that is that diesel cars have a lot less parts than a petrol car so the maintenance is going to be in theory a lot less this also gives a diesel car a longer life expectancy. If a petrol car does 150,000 miles that’s normally seen as about all its got left but a diesel however is just not even run in on that number!

Diesel cars are very popular among the boating community or people who tow a caravan or in fact anybody who needs to tow anything. The reason they are so popular is that they have a lot more torque than a petrol car. Diesel cars are known to be slower than petrols however if you find a turbo diesel car then you will be extremely surprised at how much power and grunt a diesel has.

Trucking firms and lorry firms tend to favour diesel trucks over petrol trucks much because of the torque advantages and because you get more miles to the gallon on diesel and because diesel engines can take more abuse than a petrol engine. However with the rise in diesel costs over the last few years its going to be something that big trucking firms will need to look into. However I just could not imagine many truckers wanting to make the switch from diesel to petrol as the driving style will need to be changed quite considerably.

Over all the diesel car does out perform a petrol car and especially if you are wise with your money and are not really that bothered by high performance then diesel is definitely the way to go.

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