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TRUFLOW Spray Booths is reknowed for their ability to work within a clients parameters and create solutions.

Truflow has designed custom spray booths for large equipment manufacturers that meet every challenge no matter how great or small. TRUFLOW’s custom built spray booths have solve unique problems in paint lines and manufacturing plants Australia wide for companies such as VEOLIA, GROCON, BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE & TRANSPORT, SIEMENS and Many more.


Truflow Spray Booths water wash (or water scrubber) spray booths are designed specifically for manufacturing industrial purpose. Where applications of paint exceed quantities greater then 4.0 liters/hour.

Production lines and conveyor systems are home to water scrubber style spray booths as well as furniture finishing where dust free finishes are vital.

All water wash systems are pumpless, they are available as kit form or turnkey installs Australia wide. Designed and constructed to comply to AS/NZS 4114 Standards. TRUFLOW water wash spray booths are available in a number of different sizes and applications including the custom designed conveyor and workshop systems.

Water treatment chemicals can also be added to assist in maintenance. These are available from Spray Booth and Waste, each application is decided on type of paint, lacquer, enamel, two pack paints used within the water wash spray booth


Water Wash

Custom Insustrial Spray Booths for any application can be designed by Truflow Spray Booths. These custom systems are idea for water floor applications, water wall application or can be designed as dry filter for lower volume paint applications.

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