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11 inches
Not Specified
Rate of fire
18 BPS
Retail Price
The Indian Creek Designs BKO is part of the B2K (Bushmaster 2000) series. The main difference between it and the Bushmaster series of markers is rather than being fully pneumatic, the ram housing on the BKO consists of a spring return ram. The BKO was discontinued in 2004, it was made by Indian Creek Designs, located in Idaho. They also produce popular paintball markers such as the ProMaster, Freestyle and Bushmaster.
The 2004 BKO was an electronic solenoid actuated computer controlled paintball marker. The major components of the BKO were machined from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum, and then hard anodized . The BKO is reputed to stand for Bushmaster Knock-Off,because it uses a different theory of operation. All internal parts, wear and contact surfaces were heat treated or hard anodized. The BKO used a single standard 9-volt battery for operation. The circuitry consisted of a microprocessor based digital controller. The BKO did not require tools to field-strip. Removing the field-strip link-pin of the bolt enabled the removal of the entire bolt assembly. The BKO offers low-pressure operation. The main operating pressure is 200-300 PSI which is set by watching the gauge on the primary (input) regulator while making adjustments. The secondary pressure is factory preset and regulated to 85-95 PSI. Gas usage is controlled through these 2 internal regulators. The BKO included a removable 11″ step-bore and ported barrel. The stock BKO did not come with PDS (eyes) but they were available for install by ICD directly or other companies such as Vaporworks.
The BKO was designed to use nitrogen gas or a compressed air system. The company urged users to avoid the use of CO2, although it was still possible to use it as a propellant. The reason for this was that CO2 is an industrial grade gas and may contain dirt and rust, which can in turn damage the marker. CO2 can be used with anti-siphon systems and filters.
Adjustable regulator compressed air systems
The input pressure from the compressed air system should be regulated down to 350-500 PSI output pressure.
Fixed output regulated compressed air systems
Fixed output regulated tanks (preset) will work just fine with the BKO, however it will not perform as well as an adjustable regulated tank. If your compressed air system does not have an output pressure gauge on its regulator, it is not recommended for usage.
Firing rate
Since the BKO was capable of reaching firing rates over 15 BPS, it operates best when used with a force-fed hopper like: Vlocity, Halo, Empire B, or Pulse. Because of its design, the BKO is limited in its rate of fire. Without extensive modification, the BKO is mechanically capped at 18 BPS.
The BKO was with two regulators to control air pressure. The main one, the High Pressure Regulator (HPR), is meant to be set at around 250-300 PSI. This regulator is used to provide air to the Low Pressure Regulator (LPR) and for the air that propels the paintball out of the barrel. The LPR was used to provide the solenoid with air that is then diverted to the ram. To preserve the solenoid and the rest of the low pressure system, the LPR was designed to shut down if it encounters an input greater than 400 PSI. This regulator was usually set by increasing it until a leak was heard from the back of the marker, which was the solenoid bleeding off the air at around 120 PSI, and then turning it 1/4 turn out. Either the HPR or the LPR was used to adjust velocity.
Parts diagram

Stock Ram

Stock 2002 LPR
Bko timeline and versions
This time line was made by Darryl Hadfield (ICD-owners). This is a time line with a detailed descriptions of the various bko generation with specifics to the marker.

2002 bko
The first BKO was produced in the second half of 2002. ICD has not released a formal statement about it, but it is widely rumored that the BKO actually stood for, ushmaster Knock-Off, as the marker was intended to capture the lower-end of the electro-pneumatic market, as well as compete against the massive market of seartripper markers…(and so on) To get More information , you can visit some products about SD Reader USB, touh screen monitor, . The Flex RGB Color Light Bar products should be show more here!

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