In The Joint Acquisition Of Cifa#39;s Success: Communities Of Interest – The Joint Acquisition,

With Zoomlion 25, released a paper notice mysteries, the company's work Hony Capital, Goldman Sachs, and Mandarin Fund, the formation of communities of interest, acquired the world's three major Concrete Machinery Manufacturers CIFA100% stake in Italian.

In the acquisition, Zoomlion will invest 60%, CDH Investments [16.8%], Goldman Sachs [13.6%], Mandarin Fund [9.6%]. The acquisition of Partners: Hony Capital, Goldman Sachs, and Mandarin funds, they are well-known domestic and global investors, with long-term wealth of experience, and Zoomlion complement the management team, which can not only based The success of a unique trading ideas, resources and geographical relations, but also help in the future play to their strengths, to ensure the integration of this acquisition to be successful implementation. CIFA Concrete

Italy Mixer And concrete pumping machinery car in Italy were 80% and 70% market share in Western Europe, 23% and 20% in Eastern Europe, 15% and 20%, while the Middle East market, also each accounted for 10% and 8%.

"The region's construction machinery enterprises in China, will take time to enter. Through the acquisition of other companies, on the one hand encourage enterprises to use their channels to their own products into the overseas market, but also help the two companies by the various facilities able. "industry analysts said.

Mandarin Fund has played an essential role in
China has an advantage in machinery manufacturing, and overseas enterprises specializes in design and technology, so this combination for long-term development of enterprises is very beneficial. For example Zoomlion ago imported Italian pump arm.

According to one person familiar with the deal, the state bank's intervention, on Zoomlion acquisition has a strong boost.

It is understood that the purchaser of Mandarin is the national development bank, the Fund and the National Export-Import Bank and investment fund launched. Focused on industrial investment in Mandarin Fund is the largest of Italy Cooperation Private equity funds, had raised 328 million euros, primarily in China and Europe choose to promote synergy between the projects.

Ping An Securities researcher said: "The joint investment program has resulted in funds and Zoomlion bundled into a community of interests, and the Mandarin has a familiar Italian national conditions and culture of local talent, so during integrating CIFA has had an undeniable role in . " The key role of

Hony Capital Zoomlion has announced that the acquisition, the company intends to acquire its 60% stake, Hony Capital acquired 40% stake. In fact, CDH Investments may be the real push behind the hand.

Industry analysis, since Yih Zoomlion investment in the future, Yih raised more capital on the operation of ideas, concepts and ideas of internationalization and a wealth of overseas experience to help develop Zoomlion open a new window. Researchers also pointed out that the acquisition in Zoomlion substantial contribution may not be much, but mainly by the Hong-yi to share the huge financial pressure. In other words, Hong Yi is the acquisition of United Overseas important "stick."

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