Hypertech Boosts Gm Duramax Turbo Diesels With 95 Hp Gain

Hypertech’s new Power Programmer and HyperPAC (Hypertech Performance Automotive Computer) give GM C/K 2500/3500 trucks equipped with 6.6-liter Duramax turbo diesel engines a significant boost in power and performance. What auto aficionados tagged as the “next big thing in automotive computer tuning” was incorporated into GM Duramax turbo diesels to produce 95 horsepower gain.

The new Hypertech power programmer plus tuning program was developed by the R&D team of the manufacturer. The HyperPAC, for one, was the winner of 2 prestigious awards for engineering excellence. It is not only formulated to deliver the most powerful engine tuning capabilities but also loaded with user-friendly and sophisticated auto software programs. Further, it is capable of producing in-vehicle data that duplicates results from a chassis dynamo.

According to Hypertech Founder and President, Mark Heffington, “With the HyperPAC, you can re-program your vehicle for more power and better fuel economy, monitor the engine (with digital or analog gauges displayed), in addition to measuring acceleration, power and torque output. You can easily evaluate any changes to a vehicle, such as the addition of aftermarket performance equipment. It’s like having your own drag strip, engine dyno, chassis dyno, data acquisition system, diagnostic machine and power tuning computer, all in one.”

Hypertech Power Programmer and HyperPAC for the 2006 Duramax diesels feature 3-Stage Tuning that includes Stage 1 (+46 hp, +88 ft.-lbs.), Stage 2 (+62 hp, +120 ft.- lbs.) and Stage 3 (+95 hp, +178 ft.-lbs.). The feature allows truck owners to choose one of three power curves. The most powerful option – Stage 3 tuning – can be used while towing the highest weight recommended by the manufacturer. With more power in reserve and less frequent downshifts, many engine owners report noteworthy improvements in fuel mileage. So far, the manufacturer’s exclusive calibration is the most efficient street-legal tuning available for the mentioned application.

Among the useful capabilities of Hypertech programmer and HyperPAC include versatility to allow truckers who have installed non-stock tires and non-stock rear axle ratios to exact the odometer and speedometer readings. Also, the top speed limiter can be attuned for factory-approved speed-rated tires. But the long list of features offered by the manufacturer does not end there. Both devices read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) stored in the onboard computer thus expensive diagnostic scan tools are no longer necessary.

The manufacturer noted that the exclusive Power Tuning calibrations were produced on computerized dynamometers and road tested under real-world driving conditions. Said auto facility can be installed in a matter of minutes devoid of tools or knowledge of computers. The stock tuning is stored in memory and can be restored at any time. The user-friendly feature of the facility is one of the many reasons why it is loved by GM aficionados.

GM is aimed at promoting quality and functionally to boost its already prominent standing in the industry. Charlie Freese, executive director, GM Powertrain Diesel Engineering said, “Maintaining power and torque leadership with the Duramax is important to us because it’s the benchmark that built the engine’s class-leading reputation with our customers.”

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