Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Kit – Does it Boost the Mileage Really

?Hydrogen Fuel Conversion Kit – Does it Boost the Mileage Really?

In recent years there has been a buzz about the use of water for the powering of vehicles that have only been known to consume what is considered fuel- like gasoline and diesel. But the interesting fact remains- cars seem to have intrinsic abilities to burn chemicals other than what we usually consider fuels. This basic truth has led to some research regarding as to how to improve the rate of burn inside a car engine- and the results have been spectacular, and not to mention, very encouraging in the past few years.

Now, the very system itself is not alien for those who are familiar with the basic concepts in chemistry, or in some cases, mechanics. Let’s start with the basics- typically, a car would only move if you have the following: electricity, the moving parts that burn the fuel, and of course the fuel. Now, what if you add another thing to this already complicated picture? The list would then appear as electricity, air, HHO or Brown’s Gas, gas, and the moving parts that burn the fuel. Sound too simple? Read on and be surprised.

The truth is, it is a relatively easy system, and the gains are increasingly verifiable a posteriori. Now, how does a hydrogen fuel conversion kit work, anyway? First thing’s first: we have to understand that there is no magic involved in making your car literally run on water. The truth is, the capacity of water to become a substrate for combustion has been discovered a long time ago, but perhaps its application in cars has been long in coming because we had been too complacent in our dependence on non-renewable source of car power.

Anyway, a hydrogen fuel conversion kit works in this manner: the substrate that you feed your car or truck (the water) is isolated and exposed to certain processes that produce the rich and very burnable gas known as HHO. The process does not and by no means should end here. If the process ends here, you don’t have a new source of energy, you have a travelling TNT barrel and you’d be the unlucky person driving it.

Now, after the process is complete, the rich and complex chemical HHO, also known as the Brown’s Gas, is led through the air system of the vehicle and finally mixed with the fuel. When it reaches the area where the fuel is burned (when the vehicle is running or is being revved), what happens is that it is burned along with the fuel, thus cutting the amount of fuel that is needed by the car during travelling.

Now when this happens, the car would be saving on actual fuel. But take note: a hydrogen conversion kit’s function does not stop there. Again, you would be riding a TNT barrel if that’s the case. Another important function of a hydrogen fuel conversion kit is that it regulates the amount and speed at which HHO is transported to be burned by the car’s engine.

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