How to Solve Diesel Truck Injector Problems Inexpensively

Hot Shot’s Secret has finally solved the common and costly fuel injector problems diesel truck owners have lamented for years.

To increase the efficiency in modern diesel engines, manufacturers have increased the pressure at the tip of the injector. This increase provides for a better, more efficient burn with added power. Older injectors would put out 1,200 psi at the injector tip but the new diesel engines can put out 26,200 psi at the tip. To achieve this increase in pressure the manufactures had tighten the tolerance inside the injector. This increased the friction and temperature. The higher temperatures have a burning effect on the engine oil. A layer of oxidized oil and additives form, slowing down the injector and eventually stopping it altogether.

“Injectors in the diesel truck engines fail prematurely,” says Chris Gabrelcik, lubrication engineer, CEO of Lubrication Specialties, Inc. and the creator of Hot Shot’s Secret. “Injector issues cause slow start-up, rough idling, hesitation, and lack of power because the injectors aren’t firing properly.” Until now, owners had to replace their existing injectors, often spending up to $5,000 with no guarantee that the problem would not occur in the future.

A documented 86% of the time, Hot Shot’s Secret solves the problem completely, and for the remaining 14% it makes a significant improvement. “We believe in this product so much that we are willing to offer a 100% money-back guarantee,” says Gabrelcik, who acknowledges the fact that in some instances a problem called “stiction” might not be the cause of the failure.

Originally created for International Truck and Engine, Hot Shot’s Secret is made from a unique blend of proprietary additives. When added to the crankcase, Hot Shot’s Secret will correct stiction by removing the build-up of coking and varnishing left behind from the overheating of the engine’s oil. “It’s the only thing you can put in your engine that will clean it out and actually solve the problem,” says Gabrelcik, who spent two years sending dozens of different formulas around the country to be tested in various terrain and weather conditions, developing the final product in November 2005. The product will also clean the deposits in the engine and turbo and fortify existing oil thus helping it to work more effectively. It only takes 64 ounces of chemical to clean 100,000 miles of build up. 32 ounces added every 3-4 oil changes will prevent the problem from ever returning.

Lubrication Specialties was founded in 1997 to bring high tech lubrication and filtering solutions to industrial and commercial applications. Using oil analysis, vibration analysis, oil reclamation and lubrication consulting for countless national and local companies, Lubrication Specialties has provided millions of dollars in cost savings to their customers. For more information, please call 800-341-6516 or visit

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