How to Weather the Effects of Diesel Fuel Prices

How to Weather the Effects of Diesel Fuel Prices

The diesel fuel prices are much lower today than it was in July. But that doesn’t mean that we can drive in any manner we can and waste money on fuel. The economic crisis is still here and is draining your wallet big time. Here are some things you need to do to save fuel and money.


Check your tire pressure regularly. Running on a soft tire increases road drag, road noise, tire temperature and chances of blow-out. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.

Lighten up

If you are driving your truck on weekend golf, that is okay. But do you really have to bring your equipment for the rest of the week? Okay, you don’t play golf. Still, you need to remove unnecessary things from your trunk or your truck bed. Extra weight consumes fuel.

Don’t be a drag

Manufacturers have all the right reasons why they design your vehicle the way it is. Avoid altering your ride by using leveling kit. This destroys the aerodynamics of your car. A good looking truck with kits and all may catch eyes but take note, it catches air too. Aerodynamic drag consumes more fuel if the vehicle is modified.

Quit Idling

Idling will get you 0 miles per gallon. Not bad, right? Seriously, you are just wasting your fuel on warm-ups because modern diesel engine vehicles will get into running temperature in a matter of minutes. Once you turn the key, drive with a light right foot ? this is the best way to speed up the process of warming up your car.

Moreover, do not leave your engine running whenever you make a quick stop at the convenience store. Not only it is noisy and wastes fuel, a running car engine also attracts people to hop in and steal your ride.

Activate your overdrive and cruise control
Vehicle manufacturers develop these features and install them in your car for a reason. And you as a consumer pay a premium price to have these. Use it, for diesel’s sake (not the actor). Turning them on will improve your mileage significantly.

Drive sober

I don’t mean that you become the designated driver every time you go out with your friends on a Saturday night. What I mean is, drive sensibly. Aggressive driving, abrupt accelerating and hard braking shorten the distance between your point of origin and the next gasoline station. If you are driving on a stop-and-go traffic, use a light right foot; and do not smoke the back tires when accelerating, If possible, schedule your trip outside the rush hours.

Increase air intake

Air is as important as fuel during combustion. You may be driving at your best but if your air intake restricts air from getting to your engine efficiently, you still consume more fuel. Replace air intake with aftermarket part that minimizes the distance between the filter and the engine.

Speaking of filter, make sure that your keep your air filter clean. Dirty or clogged filter will prevent air from coming in to your engine resulting to poor mileage. Replace or clean air filter whenever necessary.

Regular checkup

Save on diesel by getting a regular checkup for your vehicle. Regular tune up, checkup and change oil will keep your engine in top form and parts in good running condition.

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