How to Mount and Demount New Tires and Used Truck Tires in Tampa FL

Only specially trained personnel should be authorized to mount and demount new tires or used truck tires in Tampa FL, and only under proper supervision with proper equipment. Even then, truck owners should also know the proper procedures in mounting and demounting new tires and used truck tires in order to be able to monitor the services they are given. This is especially true since neither new tires nor used truck tires can be considered cheap tires anywhere, including Tampa FL.

Before the tires are mounted, the tire wheel and tire rim should first be thoroughly cleaned and then inspected. If any components are broken, bent or cracked, they should be welded, brazed or reworked. Do not allow any welding on a rim while a tire is still mounted.

The tire itself should also be closely inspected. Never allow mounting of damaged tires.

For tube type tires, the tube and flap should be carefully removed before carefully cleaning and drying the inside of the tire. The appropriate type and size of unused tubes and flaps should then be installed. The tube should be slightly inflated before installation. The beads, rim side of the flap and tube base should then be lubricated using a vegetable based lubricant. Make sure the inside portion of the tire is always kept dry.

Check if rim components are appropriately matched in type and rim size. The tire, including tube and flap assembly, should then be mounted on the rim.

The specified safety cage or its equivalent should be used when inflating the tube type tire. An extension hose and clip-on chuck are also used. Do not allow anyone to stand over the tire during the process of inflation. Once the tire has been inflated, do not allow it to be tapped with a mallet in an attempt to settle the rim components.

For tires that are tubeless, the rim and the wheel are the first to be cleaned. The stem and valve seals are then replaced. Next, the rim flange and beads are lubricated. The tire is worked over the rim flanges using the appropriate tools for tubeless tires. The tire is then mounted over the valve side.

The specified safety cage or its equivalent should also be used in inflating the tubeless tire. Monitor the pressure so as not to go above the maximum inflation pressure written on the tire’s sidewall or rim.

When demounting, the tire’s valve core should be removed first in order to completely deflate it. Only then should the tire and wheel assembly of the truck be removed.

Place tube type tires on the floor with the side ring facing up. Make sure the appropriate tools are used when the bead is pried off the lock ring. Care should be observed in disassembling rim parts so that the tire, tube, flap and rim are not damaged. The tire is then turned the other way and the same procedure is done on the other side. Finally, the rim is removed from the tube type tire.

In the case of tubeless tires, the appropriate bead breaking tool is applied in loosening both sides of each tire. The beads are lubricated with a vegetable-based lubricant. Tire irons are then wielded carefully in slowly separating the tire from the rim.

Make sure only qualified personnel mount or demount your new tires or used truck tires in Tampa FL, and make sure they observe all the proper procedures and safety requirements. Take all necessary precautions so that you can make the most out of your hefty investment in your new tires or used truck tires in Tampa FL.

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