How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water – The HHO Gas Car Kit Hybrid To Increase Gas Mileage

?How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water – The HHO Gas Car Kit Hybrid To Increase Gas Mileage

Convert your car to run on water or HHO gas or and you could increase gas mileage on average 15-40% or more saving thousands of dollars in gasoline over the life of the car. You could purchase a hybrid car but these often cost much more than a conventional internal combustion engine because you now have two power plants under the hood. A gasoline engine and an electric engine.

With the recent increases in gas prices people are looking for ways to increase gas mileage. One of the more innovative ways is an HHO gas car kit or water fuel cell as they are sometimes referred to. One experimental vehicle was recently seen on a national news station showing this technology in use. The inventor has even used the gas for high temperature welding applications. This technology has been around for some time but no one has really jumped on it an besides who would believe you could convert your car to run on water! Many new discoveries have been met with the same resistance or ridicule until they became proven or everyday solutions to solve everyday problems.

When you make the conversion you will not have a true water car it will be a water hybrid. The gas generator system is sometimes referred to as a hydrogen fuel cell car kit or hydrogen on demand system and is supplemented through your intake manifold through vacuum hoses. If you have a large 8 cylinder engine it may take a couple of fuel cells to notice a marked increase. Even on a smaller engine a person who is wanting to get the best gas mileage may want to try adding more than one or two fuel cells to get the best fuel savings. The size of a fuel cell is about the size of a quart jar and it is not uncommon for people to use these when they construct one.

How does HHO gas get made. Well through the process of electrolysis the fuel cell filled with water and a catalyst such as baking soda is introduced to electrical current. This current is supplied by your vehicles battery and hydroxy or HHO gas is produced as the electrical current passes through usually stainless steel wires or plates. It is that simple. It is amazing how much energy water can store because on average driving the cell only needs to be topped off about once a month or less.

Many people who want to know how to make such a product and can find a wealth of information online and in forums supporting this technology but finding ways to improve it. In most cases it is just best to buy a manual or guide with plans, instructions and pictures that way you have something consistent to follow. Most plans online are not always clear or are incomplete. If you are handy with your hands or like to build things or are a back yard mechanic building a HHO gas generator should be a relatively easy to build and install.

The advantages or benefits of building your own kit is saving money, if a part breaks or needs to be replaced you can do it yourself. Some people are even trying these on riding lawn mowers, tractors, motorcycles and push mowers. If you have multiple cars or trucks or even a fleet of vehicles you could imagine the potential savings each year! People who live in countries such as the UK who often pay over 6 bucks a gallon for petrol would benefit even more. Petrol prices or fuel prices in other parts of the world may make this technology more attractive to experimenters or commercial interests.

The benefits of a HHO gas hybrid technology are increased gas mileage in some cases doubling it, increase horsepower, better or smoother running engine and less emissions. When you buy a kit you often pay hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars and eventually it will pay for its self. This kits can actually be made at home for under $100 dollars per vehicle now that is cheap. They can be used on cars, trucks gas or diesel engines and take up very little space under the hood and require no major modifications. If for any reason such as the sale of your car you would like to remove the system it can be removed in several minutes without leaving a trace.

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