Hot LED Accessories for your truck or SUV

Truth is, nobody knows exactly how much longer LEDs last than regular bulbs, but there are still LEDs in computers from the 70s that are happily blinking away with no ill effects.

Less Power
LEDs physically use less power than their incandescent counterparts and can output more light too. And that’s about all there is to say on that. They use less power, so manufacturers can cram more of them in – for a brilliantly bright light.

The Cool Factor
Plus LEDs are the latest in lighting technology, so they look cool as hell. Remember back to the first time you saw the awesomely brilliant lights on the back of a Cadillac CTS fire up. In less than an instant the whole tail light bursted to brightness and you were blown away.

Light Bars

LED light bars have only been in the truck accessory marketplace for a few years. Basically, the LED Light Bar is either a 48-inch or 60-inch long strip of LEDs that fits in the dead space between the bottom of your tailgate and rear bumper. This strip of LED’s can serve as a brake light, a running light, and even blink with your turn signals.

Installation can be as simple as plugging the light bar’s plug into your trailer connection and using the supplied adhesive to attach the light bar. The light bars can be installed with sheet metal screws for permanent mounting, and some bars need to be hard-wired into your wiring harness.

Check out the Firestorm in action:

Tail Lenses

Upgrading the tail lenses on your truck is always a good idea. They’re affordable, they look great, and you want them. So why deprive yourself? But now you have an extra choice when picking out tail lenses – LEDs. As soon as new Caddies started coming with LED taillights the aftermarket started scrambling. They looked great, were brighter than anything before, and they lit up so fast they looked like alien technology.

There was some scrambling in the truck accessory marketplace for awhile, but the hobbyists and low-ballers have shaken out of the industry and there are some really superb LED tail lenses out there right now.

Check out the Technostalgia LED Conversion Kit: (for classic trucks)

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