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The Honda Dio was manufactured and assembled in the year 2001 by the Honda’s HMSI subsidiary in India. This was the first motor scooter. Its attractive body colour and appealing structure has made its presence on the road. The body of the scooter is made with light weight fibre is makes this a perfect scooter on the road. Here is an exclusive Honda Dio review that will detail you with the features of this motor.

The rider can feel the comfort and efficiency of the scooter when he rides it on the roads. The Hondo Dio has got a sleek appearance. It other features includes its light weight body aerodynamic, and wedge design. These features put together gives you improved riding pleasure and fuel economy. You can easily drive through the heavy traffic with the motor’s sleek design. The two-wheeler has a striking body texture and structure. It steals the show on the roads with its stylish features and capabilities. The sleek side panels highlight the chic design of the multi reflector head light in front. You can get this two-wheeler in various colours like Misty Pink Metallic, Black, Geny Grey Metallic, Candy Tahitian Blue, Moon Yellow and Guarau Red.

The long front suspension of the Dio offers a long stroke. It has got effective shock absorption. This ensures a pleasant ride on the roads. Even if you have a passenger on your scooter, it maintains the balance to give you a comfortable ride. You can make use of your emergency brakes without any fears of skidding. The scooter comes with a tuff tube that prevents the sudden loss of air pressure. The seats are comfortable and it has a spacious legroom with a big storage box. Also, you have a got a user friendly under seat hook. Adding to this, it has got a movable front fender and wide footboard. The tyres look absorbing and the steering looks stable. It has a four stroke engine of 100cc which churns out a power of 7bhp at a rate of 7000 rpm. The peak torque here will be 0.8 kg per minute at a rate of 5500 rpm.

The Honda Dio price in India is around Rs37, 000 to 40,000. The cost differs in ex-showrooms and on road. Whatever, the cost is not too high for the capabilities that this two-wheeler can guarantee you with. Ride your bike today and get yourself some nice good air.

The Honda Dio is an amazing scooter that boasts of a striking body texture and fantastic structure. So besides its wonderful performance, the Honda Dio is also a show stealer on the roads because of its looks. The trendy sleek side panels give this scooter an edge over its counterpart that as well accentuates the chic design of its multi reflector headlight.

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