History of Crane Trucks

Mobility  is an important feature that is needed by most heavy equipments. Thus, the heavy equipments are needed for infrastructure constructions. Cranes are the equipment family that has the most importance especially on heavy construction purposes. The inland mobility of these types is satisfied by its children — the crane trucks. <a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.i80equipment.com/crane-trucks.shtml”>Crane trucks</a>, as the name implies,  links the two complex structure of a crane  for moving loads and a truck for mobility. These crane trucks evolved from simply being a crane. In Ancient Greeks, the first cranes were made. These are used to lighten the work load with the help of animals or humans. These use principles of simple machines, as pulley, lever and wedge.  Hydualic lifts are also being used in these times.

In this modern era, crane trucks are used from putting up a bridge on a remote shallow river to pulling up a truck stuck on the dirt. Its “rate load” ranges from tens to thousands of tons depending upon the design. It can carry a simple load as wood to a complex statue.Stability of the crane trucks makes the main issue. The stability suggests the capacity of the crane. It is the job of the designer or the engineering to ensure that the stability of the equipment satisfies the standards.

The parts of a typical crane trucks are: hook, jib, boom, gears, counter weights, outriggers, and reinforced-steel cable. The hook is the part where the main load is attached. The hook usually has the lock to avoid loosing the load. A metal ball is attached to the hook to hold it in place .The jib is  attached to the long boom. The boom supports the load being lifted. The gears serves as pulleys on the crane. The difference between the pulleys and the gears are the teeth that holds the chain and other gears in place. These gears also allows the cab to swivel side by side. On the other hand the counter weights and outriggers are used to balance the whole crane during lifting operations. And of course, the reinforce-steel cable which holds the hook  to the jib to the boom and to the crane truck’s motorized crank. The motorized crank has the same principle as the humans and animals do in Ancient Greece. Unlike old model crane trucks, modern ones are using hydraulic system in lifting the booms.  The <a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.i80equipment.com/crane-trucks.shtml”>crane trucks</a> always open the human imaginations from how these move to how these work.

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