Himfr.com reports Textile and clothing exports fell year on year to expand again

11 General Administration of Customs released data show that from January to October this year, China’s total textile and apparel exports of 136.29 billion U.S. dollars, down 11.32 percent; -11.17% with a growth rate in September, down 0.15 percentage points, turns warm again export data on the export situation is still not optimistic. Among them, 48.394 billion U.S. dollars total exports textiles, apparel exports 87.896 billion U.S. dollars accumulated over the previous year decreased by 12.9% and 10.9%.

Difficult to really pick up the short-term export

October month, China’s total textile and apparel exports 14.651 billion U.S. dollars, compared with last month’s reduction of 2.1 billion U.S. dollars, a decline of 12.54%, failing to keep the ring for several months during the first half of this year compared with growth of the situation; and last year’s decline in exports 2.094 billion compared to the United States Yuan, -12.51% growth year on year decline to widen again.

Among them, textile export 5.294 billion U.S. dollars a single month, down 4.78%; apparel and clothing accessories single month export 9.357 billion U.S. dollars, down 16.34 percent year on year growth rate fell 27.86 percent compared to. The re-expansion of garment exports decline, reflecting the industry as a whole the situation is still in stagnation, yet produce substantial recovery.

China’s Textile Network editor Wang forward, said the textile industry exports is to judge whether or not the first indicators of warming, from the first 10 months of data, is still optimistic about the prospects for external demand shows that demand-pull to rely on foreign trade of China’s textile economy recovery time being, can not expect the export short-term rebound is still a small probability of a real event.

In addition to instability in addition to external demand, trade protectionism, high cost, etc. are also hindering the development of the textile industry’s external.

Statistics Center of China Textile Industry Association data show that the first three quarters this year, China’s textile and apparel products have received the European Commission rapid alert system for non-food 153 warning notification date, an increase of 6.29 times the total percentage of 20.84% in China informed, while the textile and garment products last year accounted for only 3.73% of cases notified to China. First three quarters of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission on China’s textile and apparel products issued a total of 21 since the recall, an increase of 10.53%.

Investment and consumption is still unable to play the main engine

Different situation is more serious and export, the domestic textile and apparel consumption and investment is having a warming condition.

11, National Bureau of Statistics data released showed that in October of this year, China’s clothing shoes and hats, the total retail sales of 426 textile needle billion yuan, up 22.4%. 1-10 months, China’s clothing shoes and hats, needle textile retail sales totaled 361.7 billion yuan, an increase of 17.5%.

Meanwhile, the first three quarters of this year, the National Textile investment in fixed assets to a gradual reversal of the situation, the growth curve and gradually rose, the amount of investment projects and investments were completed, and last year is still not level, but a marked improvement over the first half.

From January to September more than five million of China’s fixed asset investment in textile industry the amount of actual completion of 219.879 billion yuan, an increase of 8.71% growth rate over the same period of 1.44 percentage points; 8943 industry-wide construction projects, representing an increase of 698; completed projects 3418, representing an increase of 1457. Of particular note is that this year the large number of textile and new projects, the former 9 months of textile industry-wide the number of new projects 5815, compared with same period last year 1032, an increase of 21.58%.

However, the industry pointed out that consumption and investment in China now is still not fully play the main engine of economic growth in textiles, China’s textile industry to recover and still need to look at the export of “face.”

Wang forward that the economic needs of China’s textile export-oriented economic growth from a shift to domestic demand-led growth, in order to prevent external factors, but its need to complete the crossing for at least 5-10 years.

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