Heavy Trucks–fundamental For Construction

Usage of trucks to carry heavy loads from one place to another was an idea taken from olden days when cattle were used to pull heavy loads put on the hauls. Later on, the arrival of car, the truck too made its perspective clear on the screen after which large number of automobile hit the market and each were assigned a different and a constructive work.

A vehicle which is used to transmit extremely heavy loads is known as Heavy Truck. It is one of the most significant type of Construction Equipment. Large in size, Strong and powerful are some of the significant qualities of heavy trucks. Today, trucks are powered by either diesel engines or gasoline.

Basically, there are three categories of trucks and the categorization is made on the amount of load they can carry.
Light Trucks
Medium Trucks
Heavy Trucks

A brief description of some of the important parts of heavy trucks is given below.

Engine is the main power of every vehicle. Truck engine is very huge and consumed diesel fuel due to its load capacity. Engine works as a brain of truck, it circulate all parts of the body with the help of certain fuel.

Drive train:
Drive train is works like legs for truck, a part that attached with engine contains cylinders, brakes and tires of a truck on axles and shafts, some trucks have 8 operation tires and heavy trucks have 26 to 28 tires.

Frames are part of truck which has capacity to carry specific load, these frames are in tubular form and connected with each other with the help of two short boxed frames.

Let me tell you one more astounding fact that a truck which is, Liebherr T 282B weighs 203 tons, 7.4 meter tall when unloaded, and capable of lifting a total of 365 tons is considered as one of the largest truck of the world. It is driven by 90 liter diesel engine which is capable of producing 3650 Horse Power. Astound!! This Gigantic truck carries a price tag of 3.5 Million Dollars.

Following are the names of some of the renowned manufacturers and the total number of trucks made by them in the year 2009.

1Volvo 438,954
2Dongfeng 341,875
3Tata Group159,237
4Toyota Group129,107
5Fiat Group 127,542

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