Guide to your HGV Theory Test

The theory test for HGV is one of the tests you will need to take before you can get your HGV license. This is taken before the practical test, but for this you need to have a provisional license.

The test is a lot like the test for standard driving. There are two parts, with a multiple choice section and a hazard perception section. You need to get a minimum number of marks in each before you can pass. The test is conducted on computers with touch screen.

The multiple choice section:
This section gives you questions with multiple answers that you need to choose one from. You will be given more instructions when you sit on the computer screen about how to attempt this. It is a good idea to ask questions of the examiner before you start. You will also be given with the opportunity to take a practice test to familiarize yourself. Do take the opportunity.

When you start, you will be able to see the question, with a number of possible answers. You will have to choose one or more as the correct answer. The tip in this is to first figure out which answers it cannot be, and remove them from the list and then choose. This gives you a higher probability of scoring correctly even if you have to guess, since guessing from two is more likely to be accurate than guessing from four.
There are one hundred questions in this part; you will have just about under an hour for this. This means you have a little over one minutes per question so you need to be quick. If you don’t know the answer to a question, just highlight it and come back to it at the end if you have time left. You need to get eighty five questions right to pass.

The Hazard Perception Section:
This section includes watching videos and looking out for potential hazards on the road, as if you were driving on it yourself. Ask any questions in the beginning. Sometimes, there will be more than one hazard on the road, so make sure you look at the video correctly.

This test will mark you based on your response time. The earlier you respond to a hazard, the more points you will score, so make sure you are attentive. You can score up to five points on each video, with a total of twenty videos making 100 points. You need to get 67 to pass, but you can’t come back to any videos at the end so make sure you answer all the questions.

Just like for any other test, make sure you read up on your materials before you come in for the test and make sure you get enough sleep the night before. Once you pass this test, you can apply for your practical test and get your HGV license; therefore it is important that you pass this test first so you can get your license quickly.

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